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Site editors are an essential part of maintaining the UW website. The most successful site editors are those who maximize the available resources we have created for you including an extensive tutorial library. This page is designed to help assist you with some of the most common requests received by site editors. As always, if you need immediate assistance, please visit our support page. 


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Manage Site Access

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    Add/Remove Site Editor

    For requests to add or remove CMS site editors, please open a ticket and request to be added to Omni CMS as a site editor.

    Please note, you must complete Omni CMS training in order to be added as a site editor.

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    Join an Existing Site

    STEP 1: Ensure that you have completed CMS Site Editor training 
    If you need to complete training, you can find more information on our Become a Site Editor section. 

    STEP 2: Request Access to a Site 
    The UW Account Security Office (ASO) manages all site editor requests, and you will need to open a ticket and be approved by the site’s owner to receive access.

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    Change/Remove A Site Owner

    CMS site owners have the authority to approve new site editors to be added to their site and can make major web decisions without having to consult with other people in their unit.

    To update your site owners, please submit this CMS Site Ownership Audit Form. 



Edit My Site and Build New Pages

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    Build New Pages

    Site editors can use several approved templates in the CMS to create pages, access to branding resources including a robust photo database, along with best practices for building pages.

    Branding & Templates

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    Edit Existing Pages

    Site editors can edit existing content on their page through Omni CMS. Due to our system conversion in June 2023, you may come across "migrated" pages brought over from our previous CMS which have a different editing experience. Check out this tutorial on how you can easily identify and edit migrated pages.

    Site Editing Tutorials


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    Build A New Site

    Certain departments on campus may qualify to have a site inside Omni CMS (i.e. All site requests are reviewed by our website administrators through a questionnaire and are not always guaranteed. New faculty class and lab pages are not permitted inside the CMS.

    Begin by reviewing our site request criteria and you will be provided next steps for your request.


Rebuild and Move Pages

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    Replacing Page Contents

    >> Highly Recommended <<

    If you have the need to replace the contents of the page or change your page template entirely, you will need to use the Scheduled Expiration. This is critical to ensure your dependency tag and Page URL (Page Name) remain the same. Site editors should avoid deleting and rebuilding pages whenever possible to prevent broken links.

    Please check out our tutorial for replacing page contents.


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    Renaming A Page/Folder

    Standard site editors are not permitted to change the name of a page or folder without approval and assistance from a web administrator. Changing a page or folder name also changes the URL, which will likely cause a broken link on your website and can prevent your page from being shown in Google search results. Therefore, we recommend using extreme caution with page/folder name changes.

    Please open a Request Help ticket inside Omni CMS on the page/folder you wish to rename. Not all renaming requests are guaranteed to be fulfilled.

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    Moving a Page/Folder

    Similar to renaming, moving a page or folder will also change the URL and cause a broken link. We also recommend using extreme caution when considering moving a page.

    If you wish to move a folder, you must contact us via a Request Help ticket inside Omni and we will evaluate if your request can be fulfilled. Redirects on moved pages are not guaranteed. 


Reorganize a Site

Site moves and reorganizations are significant processes and involve extensive work from both the site editor and CMS administrators. Therefore, these requests are placed into an evaluation queue and will be assessed to start in the next available quarter.


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    Reorganize an Existing Site

    If you wish to undertake a full site organization where multiple pages, files and folders will be organized, you must set up an appointment with one of our website administrators to begin the process. This process involves significant work from the site editor to clean up their site folder and pages along with creating a new site map structure through our site mapping tool. Site editors should expect a minimum of 40+ hours of work to complete this process.

    To make an appointment, open a ticket inside Omni CMS in the site you wish to reorganize. 

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    Combine Multiple Sites into One

    While we encourage the consolidation of multiple, related sites into one single site, this also process involves significant work from the site editor similar to the reorganization process. Site editors should expect a minimum of 40+ hours of work to complete this type of process.

    You must make an appointment with an administrator by opening a CMS support ticket. 

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    Rename My Site Directory

    Site renaming is a very uncommon practice but is sometimes necessary due to department or unit name changes. Because a site rename will cause the URL to change across your entire site folder, site renaming is highly discouraged and very few renaming requests are approved.

    However, if you think you qualify for this process, you must make an appointment with a CMS administrator to discuss the amount of work involved by a site editor in order to accomplish a successful renaming with minimal disruption.

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