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How to Become a Site Editor

Any employee at the University of Wyoming (full or part-time) is eligible to become a CMS site editor once they have completed a comprehensive training course. Site editing is a powerful way to manage your department’s website information. To get started, follow the instructions on this page.


Do You Need to Request a New Site?

If you are planning to become an editor for a site that does not yet exist, you will need to review our site request guidelines. If you meet this criteria, you will be able to request a CMS site for review.

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Training & Getting Access

CMS training is extensive to ensure site editors are equipped to independently manage their website. Once you have completed training, you will be prompted to request access to your site(s) through a ticket.



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Page Building & Branding

Site editors are given several templates to choose from to build and maintain their web pages along with an introduction to UW’s branding guidelines. You will learn more about these in training.



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Importance of Accessibility

UW is committed to providing an equitable experience for individuals using screen readers and other assistive technology to access our website. This is a mandatory requirement of all CMS site editors.

Equitable Experience


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Requesting Assistance

During training, you may need extra assistance and we want you to know we’re here to help! You’ll learn about our ticketing system and open labs you can attend during and after training for extra support.

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Training and Getting CMS Access


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What to Expect from CMS Training 

CMS site editor training is conducted through WyoLearn and takes an average of 7-8 hours to complete. While this may seem overwhelming at first, it is essential to your success in learning how to use Omni CMS. The training consists of comprehensive information, chapter quizzes and even a “mock” training site built to help you get used to learning Omni CMS before you are an authorized user.

Due to the amount of individuals who request training site access, you must complete your training within 3 weeks once you begin. If you are unable to complete training, you will not be given access to Omni CMS.


Enroll in CMS Training


Gaining Access to the CMS 

Once you have completed training, you will be prompted with the steps you need to take in order to gain access to the CMS and the appropriate sites. We use UW’s Single Sign On (SSO) credentials which are what you use to sign into most systems at the university to access Omni.

You will not be able to sign into Omni CMS with your personal UW credentials until AFTER you have completed training and you complete the prompt to be added to the CMS.



Contact Us

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