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UW Institutional Marketing supports over 300 site editors along with 350+ sites — also known as a site directories. These sites make up over 38,000 pages hosted on Pages and content are managed through Omni CMS which allows for easy page creation, editing and general content additions.



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Responsibilities of a site editor

While our web administrators work to provide support and assistance to site editors and their questions, it is the responsibility of site editors to manage and maintain web pages for their units.

At this time, Institutional Marketing does not create websites for other departments at large. Among other duties, site editors are primarily responsible for: 

  • Creating and maintaining compelling, accurate and error-free pages

  • Following all brand guidelines and templates

  • Avoiding brand inconsistencies through custom page CSS and JavaScript 

  • Creating equitable and accessible pages

  • Notifying administrators of major issues

  • Notifying administrators if you no longer need CMS access


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Looking for Site Owner Information?

Visit our site owner page for important details about how CMS administrators use site owners to verify access to websites and how to make a change to your site owners.


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