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College of Engineering and Applied Science

Faculty and Staff Directory

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Atmospheric Science Electrical and Computer Engineering
Chemical Engineering Mechanical Engineering
Civil and Architectural Engineering Petroleum Engineering
Computer Science

CEAS Faculty and Staff Directory (Alphabetical)







Ackerman, John Adjunct Professor EN4034 6-2566 Chemical Engineering
Adidharma, Hertanto Department Head PETE, Associate Professor EN3015 6-2909 Petroleum Engineering
Ahmed, Mohamed M. Assistant Professor EN3082 6-5550 Civil and Architectural Engineering
Aidhy, DP Assistant Professor EN2029 6-5424 Mechanical Engineering
Akbarabadi, Morteza Post Doctorate Research Associate EIC376C 6-6842 Petroleum Engineering
Alizadeh, Amir Hossein Post Doctorate Research Associate EN1009 6-7492 Petroleum Engineering
Alvarado, Vladimir Dept. Head, Associate Professor EN4030 6-6464 Chemical Engineering
Anderson, Allyson Lecturer, Senior ETT EN4068 6-2299 Computer Science
Anderson, Jeffery R. Lecturer, Assoc. ETT EN5060 6-3180 Electrical & Computer Engineering
Anderson, Vicky Accounting Associate, Senior EN2091 6-4643 Deans Office
Aryana,Saman Assistant Professor EN3020 6-1992 Chemical Engineering
Bagley, Dave Professor EN3028 6-3186 Chemical Engineering
Bailey, Thomas Professor EN4081A 6-4914 Computer Science
Baldwin, Leonard B. Professor Emeritus Civil and Architectural Engineering
Bandsma, Gale Office Associate, Sr. EN5068 6-2240 Electrical & Computer Engineering
Banic, Amy Assistant Professor EN4087 6-5485 Computer Science
Barber, Megan Director of Business Operations EN2098 6-4257 Deans Office
Barker, Michael Professor EN3090 6-2916 Civil and Architectural Engineering
Barrett, Steve Associate Dean, Professor EN2085B 6-6181 Dean's Office
Befus, Kevin Assistant Professor EN 3098 6-2390 Civil & Architectural Engineering
Bell, David Associate Professor EN4026 6-5769 Chemical Engineering
Bellamy, Will Professor of Practice EN3094 6-2372 Civil and Architectural Engineering
Belmont, Erica Assistant Professor EN2071 6-6073 Mechanical Engineering
Bergantino, Antony "Tony" Program Analyst Exec. WYO 247 6-3786 Civil and Architectural Engineering
Bershinsky, Victor Engineer, Sr. EN5056 6-3188 Electrical & Computer Engineering
Boman, Stephanie Accountant EN2091 6-4324 Dean's Office
Bonini, Laurie Student Advis. Coordinator EN2079B 6-4254 Dean's Office
Boresi, Arthur P. Professor Emeritus Civil and Architectural Engineering
Brant, Jonathan Associate Professor EN3054 6-5446 Civil and Architectural Engineering
Brewer, Kristie Office Assistant, Sr. EN2052 6-2122 Mechanical Engineering
Buckner, Kim Lecturer, Assist. EN4089 6-5182 Computer Science
Burkhart, Matthew Research Scientist, ETT EN6066 6-4150 Atmospheric Science  
Caldwell, James Department Head, Associate Professor EN4085 6-6105 Computer Science
Chopping, Mara Assistant to the Dean EN2090A 6-4276 Dean's Office
Clune, Jeff Assistant Professor EN4074 6-5190 Computer Science
Colberg, Patricia Professor Emeritus Civil and Architectural Engineering
Constantinides, C. T. Professor Emeritus EN5020 6-3177 Electrical & Computer Engineering
Coon, Dennis Professor EN2075 6-4192 Mechanical Engineering
Cowles, John Professor EN4075 6-5134  Computer Science
Cuthbertson, Doug Professor of Practice EN 4055 6-6816 Petroleum Engineering
Davis, Shawn Computer Support EN3059 6-6742 Civil and Architectural Engineering
Dellenback, Paul A. Associate Professor, Associate Dean EN2072 6-2946 Mechanical Engineering, Dean's Office
Deng, Min Research Scientist, Sr. EN6022 6-6334 Atmospheric Science  
Denzer, Anthony "Tony" Interim Department Head, Associate Professor EN3078 6-5256 Civil and Architectural Engineering
Deshler, Terry Professor Emeritus EN6038 6-2006 Atmospheric Science  
Dolan, Charles W. "Charlie" Professor Emeritus Civil and Architectural Engineering
Drew , Thomas Research Pilot  Flight Center 742-2435 Atmospheric Science  
Duan, Dongliang Assistant Professor EN5048 6-6541 Electrical and Computer Engineering
Edgar, Thomas Professor Emeritus Civil and Architectural Engineering
Erikson, Rob Associate Lecturer EN2082 399-0101 Deans Office
Evans, Bart Engineer EN3048 6-6743 Civil and Architectural Engineering
Evans, Morgan Bart Safety Analyst EN2094 6-6743 Civil and Architectural Engineering
Fan, Maohong Professor EN4048 6-5633 Petroleum Engineering
Ferre-Pikal, Eva S. Associate Professor EN5039 6-5213 Electrical & Computer Engineering
Fertig, Ray Assistant Professor EN2026 6-3647 Mechanical Engineering
Field, Robert Research Scientist, Sr. EN6079 6-2158 Atmospheric Science  
Foist, Michelle Office Associate, Sr. EN4051 6-4258 Petroleum Engineering
French, Jeff Research Scientist Sr. EN6065 6-4143 Atmospheric Science  
Frick, Carl Department Head, Associate Professor EN2052 6-4068 Mechanical Engineering
Fu, Xuebing Lecturer, Associate EN4079B 6-2500 Petroleum Engineering
Gamboa, Ruben Associate  Professor EN4084B 6-5190 Computer Science
Gardzelewski, Jon AP Associate Lecturer EN3085 6-4386 Civil and Architectural Engineering
Gasem, Khaled A. M. Professor, Grad. Prog. Director EN4032 6-2845 Petroleum Engineering
Geerts, Bart Associate Dean, Professor EN6062 6-2261 Atmospheric Science  
Glover, Brent Technician, Master EN6074 6-3200 Atmospheric Science  
Goual, Lamia Associate Professor EN4028 6-3278 Petroleum Engineering
Griffiths, Shawn Assistant Professor EN3055 6-2184 Civil and Architectural Engineering
Guy, Nick Associate Research Scientist EN6011 6-3273 Atmospheric Science 
Haimov, Samuel Research Scientist, Sr. EN6018 6-2726 Atmospheric Science  
Hall, Dan Engineering IT Consultant EN2098 6-2026 Dean's Office
Hamann, Jerry Professor EN5036 6-6321 Electrical & Computer Engineering
Han, Chung-Souk Associate Professor EN2020 6-2930 Mechanical Engineering
Heesen, Ben Technician EN6002 6-4346 Atmospheric Science  
Hickman, Eve Accounting Associate, Senior EN2088 6-4248 Dean's Office
Hilman, Cheryl Mgr.Computer Systems EN1042 6-4964 Dean's Office
Hitchcock, John Associate  Professor EN4084A 6-5341 Computer Science
Hofmann, Teddi Project Coordinator, Senior EN2081 6-4236 Dean's Office
Holles, Joseph Associate Professor EN3016 6-6772 Chemical Engineering
Jackson, Robert Post Doctorate Research Associate EN6040 6-3245 Atmospheric Science
Jacquot, Raymond G. Professor Emeritus EN5055 6-3171 Electrical & Computer Engineering
Janack, George Technician, Master EN5045 6-5118 Electrical & Computer Engineering
Jenkins, Natellie Accounting Associate. Sr. EN2088 6-5185 Dean's Office
Johnson, Caroline Administrative Associate EN2094 6-6743 Civil and Architectural Engineering, WTTC
Johnson, Kenya Recruiting Coordinator EN2076 6-4122 Dean's Office
Johnson, Patrick Associate Professor EN4029 6-6524 Chemical Engineering
Jones, Ann Associate Director, Career Services EN2085D 6-2398 Dean's Office
Jones, Josh Traffic Engineer EN2096 6-6743 Civil & Architectural Engineering
Jones, Stevee PETE Coordinator, Student Advising EN4015 6-2284 Petroleum Engineering
Judd, Johnn Assistant Professor EN3099 6-6142 Civil and Architectural Engineering
Kelly, Robert D. Professor EN6072 6-4955 Atmospheric Science  
Kempema, Edward Research Scientist,Sr ESB2039 6-2885 Civil and Architectural Engineering
Kilty, Kevin Lecturer, Associate EN2074 6-2137 Mechanical Engineering
Kladianos, James "Jim" Adjunct Professor EN1010 6-3227 Civil and Architectural Engineering
Kobbe, Ryan Academic Professional EN3058 343-0155 Civil and Architectural Engineering
Koneshloo, Mohammad Post Doctorate Research Associate 6-2500 Petroleum Engineering
Kreitman,Korey Technician, Master EN L65 6-4243 Dean's Office
Kruger, Kelly Accountant EN2095 6-4280 Dean's Office
Ksaibati, Khaled Professor, Director EN2094 6-6230 Civil and Architectural Engineering,WTTC
Kubichek, Robert F. Associate Professor EN5015 6-3182 Electrical & Computer Engineering
Kuestner, William Technician, Master Flight Center 742-6440 Atmospheric Science  
Laursen, Krista Engineering Building Project Manager EN2096 6-1990 Dean's Office
Lawrence, Nicole Business Manager EN6035 6-3292 Atmospheric Science
Lebo, Zachary Assistant Professor EN 6025 6-3245 Atmospheric Science
Legowski, Stanislaw Professor EN5035 6-4281 Electrical & Computer Engineering
Leon, Dave Research Scientist, Sr. EN6071 6-3268 Atmospheric Science  
Li, Katie Assistant Professor EN3020 6-3592 Chemical Engineering
Little, Zane Technician EN6078B 6-2290 Atmospheric Science
Liu, Xiaohong Professor, Wyoming Excellence Chair EN6050 6-3225 Atmospheric Science
Lu, Zhen Post-Doctoral Research Associate EN6041 6-3245 Atmospheric Science
Luo, Tao Research Scientist, Associate EN6040 6-3245 Atmospheric Science
Lutz, Len Academic Professional EN2079C 6-4215 Dean's Office
Mahon, Nicholas Engineer, Sr. EN6074E 6-4899 Atmospheric Science  
Marwitz, John Professor Emeritus Atmospheric Science  
Mavriplis, Dimitri Professor EN2022 6-2868 Mechanical Engineering
McInroy, John E. Department Head, Professor EN5068B 6-6137 Electrical & Computer Engineering
McKay, Jaylinda Research Associates WYO 255 766-2741 Civil & Architectural Engineering
Miller, Baillie Coordinator of Alumni and Government Relations EN2080 6-6433 Dean's Office
Miller, Marci Part-Time Temporary Lecturer 6-2390 Civil and Architectural Engineering
Montague, Derek Professor Emeritus EN6024 6-4949 Atmospheric Science  
Mukai, David Associate Professor EN3095 6-2390 Civil and Architectural Engineering
Muknahallipatna, Suresh Professor EN5059 6-3174 Electrical & Computer Engineering
Muller, Barbara Library Associate, Sr. WYO 230 6-6661 Civil and Architectural Engineering, WRDS
Murphy, Shane Assistant Professor EN6030 6-6408 Atmospheric Science
Murrell, Dana Contract Administrator EN 2096 6-4992 Deans Office
Naughton, Jonathan Director, Wind Energy Research Center, Professor EN1074 6-6284 Mechanical Engineering
Ng, Kam Assistant Professor EN3050 6-4388 Civil and Architectural Engineering
Nicholson, Christopher WRDS Director WYO 254 6-3741 Civil and Architectural Engineering
Novak, Domen Assistant Professor EN5028 6-5599 Electrical & Computer Engineering
Oakey, John Assistant Professor EN4046 6-2518 Chemical Engineering
O'Brien, John Associate Professor EN5034 6-2162 Electrical & Computer Engineering
O'Brien, Yelena Lecturer, Temporary Assist. EN5026 6-3196 Electrical & Computer Engineering
Ogden, Fred Professor, Cline Chair EN3029 6-6171 Civil and Architectural Engineering
Ohara, Noriaki Assistant Professor EN3049 6-2390 Civil and Architectural Engineering
Olson, Kira Office Assistant, Sr WYO 249 6-6651 Civil and Architectural Engineering
Oolman, Larry Research Scientist, Sr. EN6016 6-2665 Atmospheric Science  
Ortiz, Knute Computer Support Spec, Exec. EN1042 6-2049 Petroleum Engineering
Parish, Thomas R. Department Head, Professor EN6034A 6-5153 Atmospheric Science  
Peck, Nancy Associate Lecturer NE2035 6-6763 Mechanical Engineering
Person, Nichole Front Desk Office Associate EN2085 6-4253 Dean's Office
Pierre, John W. Professor EN5050 6-4206 Electrical & Computer Engineering
Pikal, John M. Associate Professor EN5014 6-3172 Electrical & Computer Engineering
Piri, Mohammad Associate  Professor EN4024 6-3954 Petroleum Engineering
Pishko, Michael Dean, Professor EN2085 6-4253 Dean's Office
Plancher, Henry Researcher EN1094 399-4615 Petroleum Engineering
Plummer, David Post Doc Res Assoc EN6040 6-3245 Atmospheric Science
Pochop, Larry O. Professor Emeritus Civil and Architectural Engineering
Puckett, Jay Professor Emeritus Civil and Architectural Engineering
Radosz, Maciej Professor EN3022 6-4926 Petroleum Engineering
Rehwaldt, Mark Assistant Lecturer EN1054 6-1700 Civil and Architectural Engineering
Ruse, Ike Engineer EN2068 6-2546 Mechanical Engineering
Russow, Craig Major Gift Officer Gateway Ctr 6-1803 Dean's Office
Salehikhoo, Fatemah Post Doctorate Research Associate 6-4280 Petroleum Engineering
Saraji, Soheil Assistant Professor EIC376 6-4280 Petroleum Engineering
Schilt, Mike Technical Engineering Manager EN-L65 6-4243 Deans Office
Schmidt, Richard Professor Emeritus Civil and Architectural Engineering
Sedghi, Mohammad Post Doctorate Research Associate 6-4923 Petroleum Engineering
Sharma, Mrityunjai Professor EN4020 6-6317 Petroleum Engineering
Siegel, Edward Research Pilot Flight Center 742-2435 Atmospheric Science 
Smith, Stan Engineer, Sr. EN6078A 6-2968 Atmospheric Science  
Snider, Jefferson Professor EN6019 6-2637 Atmospheric Science  
Soltis, Jeff Research Scientist Assoc. EN6014 6-2158 Atmospheric Science  
Spiker, Brett Chief Aircraft Mechanic Flight Center 742-2435 Atmospheric Science  
Stevens, Shannon Accounting Associate EN2089 6-2128 Deans Office
Stollinger, Michael Assistant Professor EN2024 6-3226
Mechanical Engineering
Tahmasebi, Pejman Assistant Professor EN 4051 6-4258 Petroleum Engineering
Tan, Gang Associate Professor EN3045 6-2390 Civil and Architectural Engineering
Tanner, Jenny Associate Professor EN3034 6-2073 Civil and Architectural Engineering
Toelle, Brian Professor of Practice EN5032 6-6780 Petroleum Engineering
Turner, John P. Professor Emeritus Civil and Architectural Engineering
Urynowicz, Mike Professor EN3081 6-4398 Civil and Architectural Engineering
Vali, Gabor Professor Emeritus EN 6059 6-3245 Atmospheric Science
Wadsworth, Brett Chief Research Pilot Flight Center 742-2435 Atmospheric Science  
Wang, Liping Assistant Professor EN3052 6-3299 Civil and Architectural Engineering
Wang, Yonggang Post-Doctoral Research Associate EN6040 6-3245 Atmospheric Science
Wang, Zhien Professor EN6076 6-5356 Atmospheric Science  
Ward, James Lecturer, Senior ETT EN4065 6-6231 Computer Science
Warren, Heather Office Associate, Sr. EN4055 6-2500 Chemical Engineering
Wawrousek, Karen Assistant Professor EN4032 6-5409 Chemical Engineering
Wechsler, Perry J. Research Scientist, Sr. ETT EN6068 6-4956 Atmospheric Science  
Welch, William RW Post Doctorate Research Associate 6-4280 Petroleum Engineering
While, Charlotte Office Associate/Flight Scheduler EN6034 6-5352 Atmospheric Science
Whitman, David L. Professor Emeritus EN5051 6-6466 Electrical & Computer Engineering
Winkelman, Kyle Technician, Sr. EN-L65 6-4243 Deans Office
Wiseman, Scott Technician, Sr. EN-B120 760-4725 Civil and Architectural Engineering
Wood, Cindy Business Manager EN2092 6-4226 Dean's Office
Wright, Cameron H.G. Professor EN5052 6-6104 Electrical & Computer Engineering
Wu, Chenglia Post - Doc Research Associate EN6051 6-3245 Atmospheric Science
Wu, Decheng Research Scientist, Associate E6075 6-3328 Atmospheric Science
Xu, Bang Post Doc Research Associate 6-2500 Petroleum Engineering
Yin, Shunde Associate Professor, Undergrad Prog. Director EN4019 6-3511 Petroleum Engineering
Zhang, Damao Associate Research Scientist EN6041 6-3245 Atmospheric Science
Zhu, Jianting "Julian" Assistant Professor EN3089 6-4375 Civil and Architectural Engineering
Zlatkovic, Milan Assistant Professor EN 3085 6-2390 Civil & Architectural Engineering
Zolfaghari Shahrak, Arsalan Post Doctorate Research Associate 6-2562 Petroleum Engineering
Zwieg, Mindy Office Associate, Sr. EN3074 6-2390 Civil and Architectural Engineering

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