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UW Chemistry Graduate Training: Professional Skills

A recent census shows that only 7.6% of US citizens hold a Master’s degree and only 2.9% hold a Doctorate.  People with advanced degrees are expected to be leaders in their specialties and this requires leadership skills, social skills, and continuing your education through literature review and professional contacts.

Managing a LabUniversity of Wyoming Chemistry graduate program, professional development

As a University of Wyoming graduate you will become a scientific leader directing a research team.  This requires:

  • Learning how to inspire people to do what you require them to do
  • Unambiguous communication skills and communication of ideas that are up-to-date

Social Capital

Social skills are becoming ever more complex in today’s world.  At one time socials skills meant good etiquette: a firm handshake and confident persona.  Today people socialize through electronic media and may never meet the person face-to-face.  Our professional development course teaches our students the following:

  • Understanding social networking as a professional medium
  • Understanding social skills as a competitive advantage

Continuing Education

In many respects your education only begins when you receive your advanced degree.  At the bachelor level you may be hired to use the skills you know; at the doctorate level you will most likely be hired to discover new materials, new methods, or new applications and processes.  This starts you on a life-long commitment to continuing education.  At the University of Wyoming we will provide you with examples of:

  • Continuing education through literature review, and how to stay up-to-date
  • Continuing education through professional societies.  Conferences, workshops, and networking skills are essential to maintaining your position as leader in your field.
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