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University of Wyoming Division of Information Technology

UW Telephone Dialing Instructions

Local Calls  
On-Campus Extension 6+Extension
Off-Campus Local 9+Number
Long Distance Calls  
Wyoming Long Distance 9+1+307+Number
Long Distance 9+1+Area Code+Number
Toll Free 9+1+800+Number
Operator Services  
Campus Operator 0 or 6-1121
Qwest Operator 9+0
Collect Calls  
Collect from On-Campus 9-0-Phone # - stay on the line for operator
Direct Dial In-State 9-1-307-555-1212 or 9-1-411
Direct Dial Out-of-State 9-1-Area Code-555-1212
Credit Cards 
(includes AT&T out-of-state info)
9-0-Area Code-555-1212-Card#
UW Card In-State *80 + auth code 9-1-411
UW Card Out-of-State *80 + auth code 9-1-Area Code-555-1212
Calling Cards  
UW Calling Cards (Faculty) *80 + 9-1+ Area Code + Phone#
International Calls  
Operator 9-0-1-0-(Request International Operator)
Direct 9-0-1-1-Country Code-City Code-Phone#
International Calls with Calling Card
UW Cards - Employees *80 + auth code 9-0-1-1-Country Code-City Code-Phone#
UW Cards - Departments *80 + auth code 9-0-1-1-Country Code-City Code-Phone#
Telecommunications Relay Service for the deaf, hard-of-hearing or speech-impaired
Wyoming Relay Service 9-1-711
More information: Wyoming Department of Workforce Services: Wyoming Relay/Deaf Services

Worldwide Directory Assistance (

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Interpretation of Busy Tones:

Slow Busy (1 tone/sec)

On Campus: The number you dialed is busy. Activate Ring Again feature.
Off Campus: The number you dialed is busy. Call again later.

Fast Busy (2 tones/sec)

Off Campus: Invalid dialing or you are denied the ability to place this type of call.