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University of Wyoming Division of Information Technology

Protect Against Viruses

Information you need to ward off viruses is located here. Practicing good computing habits will help you to avoid infections.

Antivirus Options for Students, Faculty, and Staff

Email Spam Filtering and Central Virus Detection and Removal

How to handle dangerous email
Be suspicious about email and email attachments, and do not open an attachment that comes in an email message unless you have asked somebody to send it to you. The VCU email system blocks attachments that could contain viruses or other malicious threats, but you still need to be careful in your handling of email. Malicious worms have been known to use other methods besides email attachments to deliver payloads of infection and propagation. It is possible for an email message to contain a link that will redirect your web browser to a site where the worm’s components are downloaded to your computer. Never click on a link that appears suspicious.

– courtesy of Virginia Commonwealth University

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