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WyoCast Frequently Asked Questions


What are the system requirements for using WyoCast?

Use Mediasite’s test page to check if your system meets the minimum requirements to run the Mediasite player. To view the minimum system requirements, see Sonic Foundry’s page at

Silverlight is required for both Mac and Windows. Download this free plug-in to view WyoCast presentations. If you don't already have the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in, you will be prompted to download and install it the first time you view a presentation.

Do I need to sign-in to view lectures and presentations?

It depends on whether the presenter made the lecture available to the public, or if it is only available to UWYO accounts. The presenter should let you know whether you have to sign in with your UWYO username and password. If you don’t see the lecture series in the presentation catalog, try signing into WyoCast by clicking on the sign in button near the upper right side of the catalog.

Presenting, Capturing, and Archiving

What does it cost to use WyoCast?

This service is available free of charge for use in (during normal university business hours only):

  • Berry Center 138
  • Classroom Building rooms 105, 129, 133

There is a $50 per hour fee plus a $30 setup/take down fee for use of the WyoCast Mobile Recording System. One week advance notice is required to reserve the system and personnel. CTS requires a one hour room access time prior to the event start time for setup and a 30 minute room access time after the event is over to take down equipment. CTS is not responsible for arranging pre and post time availability.

What rooms are set up to capture presentations?
  • Berry Center 138
  • Classroom Building rooms 105, 129, 133
How do I request a WyoCast-ready room?

Contact: Contact Central Scheduling at or 766-6717.

For regularly scheduled classes, fill out the Classroom Scheduler’s guidelines. Read the Technology Requests section to find out how to request a classroom that is equipped with WyoCast technology.

For ad-hoc, one-time WyoCast room needs for special presentations and events, call Central Scheduling.

What do I need to do to arrange for my lectures to be captured?

If you are teaching in a classroom with WyoCast capabilities and have requested Wyocast captures through the Central Scheduling Office your presentations will be scheduled for you. Once the room is reserved, you may want to schedule an appointment with Classroom Technicians. They will work with you to prepare you to get familiar with the equipment in the room, give you tips for good captures, fill out the content of the presentation title(s), insert the presenter’s photo if desired, and layout the way the presentation will be seen when it is played back on a computer. Email call 766-2872.

I want to capture a one-time or ad-hoc event in another location. Can I do that?

Yes. Information Technology’s Classroom Technology Support (CTS) has a limited number of mobile recording systems. The systems iare comprised of a mobile recording unit, a video camera, mixing equipment and microphones. The system will be delivered and set up by CTS staff, and you will have operator assistance during the event. There is a $50 per hour fee, which includes the equipment and staffing; one hour minimum. A $30 setup/take down fee will also apply. To reserve a mobile WyoCast system, fill out the WyoCast Reservation Form at least one week in advance of the event.

Can my presentation have a “friendly” label so that it is easy to see what topic was covered in the lecture?

Yes, you can add descriptive labels in the presentation catalog. When making arrangements for scheduling, discuss these options with the person who is scheduling the recording for you. This could be:

  • Classroom Technicians at 766-2872 or
  • Any other person who is responsible for scheduling recorders not managed by Central Scheduling or Information Technology
Can I archive my lectures and use them again in the future?

Yes. Contact Classroom Technicians for help archiving your presentation. They can be reached by email at or by phone at 766-2872.

What will happen to the saved lectures at the end of the semester?

Recordings will remain on the server for 18 months from the time that they are recorded. Recordings older than 18 months will be deleted from the Wyocast server. If a department wants to keep a recording on the Wyocast catalog longer than 18 months, the following charges will apply:

  • A semester’s worth of one course’s Wyocast recordings costs $25 per course per year, one-year minimum
  • Recordings that are not directly associated with a course cost $5 per year, per recording, one-year minimum

If the department wants to pay for a copy of its Wyocast recording(s) to be saved to a portable flash drive, the charge will vary depending on the size of the content and the size of the flash drive. The minimum charge is $35.

An automated email will be sent to the presentation owner 30 days prior to the deletion of a recording, and again 7 days prior to the scheduled deletion. The owner will be given the opportunity to request that the content remain on the server for an annual fee, or to archive it for a one-time fee. Otherwise, it will be deleted automatically when it is 18 months old.

Can I view WyoCast presentations on a mobile device?

Yes. Your mobile device must be able to view MP4 format files. Androids, iPhones, and iPads should be able to play Wyocast videos by default. Other devices may need to be configured to play MP4.

Can I view Closed Captioning of presentations?

Yes. There is an icon at the bottom of the Player Window (CC) that, when clicked, will open a text box and show the captioning as the presentation plays. If there is no closed captioning the icon with be grayed out (non-clickable).

WyoCast Player window

To the left of that icon is a search icon (magnifying glass) that, when clicked, allows you to search both the presentation’s slides and closed captions.

How do I get my presentation closed captioned?

Once a presentation is recorded and published as an on-demand presentation to the server, you can add closed captions by creating a Synchronized Accessible Media Interchange (SAMI), SubRip (SRT), or Distribution Format Exchange Profile (DFXP) file and linking it to your presentation. Contact Classroom Technicians.

Additionally, in Mediasite Players, users can search closed captioning text for specific words or phrases.

Can I include WyoCast presentations within my LMS (e.g., eCompanion)?

Yes. Each presentation has a unique URL that you can copy and paste wherever needed. Another method would be to direct viewers to the WyoCast Catalog:


Where can I get help troubleshooting viewing problems on Windows and Mac?
What tips should I be aware of to ensure my WyoCast Reservation Form online submission is successful?

Make sure that you observe instructions for individual form fields. For instance, all form fields require an entry or selection unless they are marked as "(optional)." The "Event Description" and "Notes" text fields are limited to 500 characters.

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Information Technology

Phone: (307) 766-HELP (4357)