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Meet some of the incredible students and alumni that are part of the SER family! ERMD students have unique experiences, backgrounds, and go on to use their degrees in many different ways. Learn about some of their chosen paths! 


Zach Barr; SER Alumni; May 2016, PLM GradSam Mallory; SER Alumni; May 2018, AAPL Outstanding Graduate; Industry Advisory Board MemberColton Edwards; SER Alumni; May 2020, PLM GradMonte Monchamp; SER Alumni; May 2020, PLM GradCaleb Dahill; SER Alumni; Dec 2021, PLM GradPaige Trent; SER Alumni; May 2021, PLM GradCaleb Durgin; SER Alumni; May 2022, PLM GradFred Eden; SER Alumni; May 2015, PLM GradKyle Walton; SER Alumni; May 2021, PLM GradEli Vigil; SER Alumni; May 2023, PLM GradHunter Lee; SER Alumni; May 2022, PLM Grad

Professional Land Management 


We take great honor in displaying the accomplishments and experiences of our distinguished Professional Land Management (PLM) graduates from the School of Energy Resources (SER). Our PLM alumni have excelled in various careers within the energy industry, making significant contributions and leaving a lasting impact. Through our interdisciplinary approach to energy education, we have equipped our graduates with a comprehensive understanding of the diverse disciplines that shape the energy economy. Whether it's consulting, land management, entrepreneurship, or other related fields, our PLM alumni have found success and fulfillment in their chosen paths. Their testimonials highlight the real-world knowledge, practical skills, and invaluable opportunities they gained from their time at SER. Join us in celebrating the achievements of our PLM alumni who continue to shape and lead the energy industry.


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Alyson White Eagle-SoundingSides; SER Alumni; May 2021, EES GradJak Turner; SER Alumni; December 2021, EES GradJuliana Santarelli; SER Alumni; May 2022, EES GradMolly Murnane; SER Alumni; May 2023, EES Grad

Environmental and Energy Systems 


We proudly highlight the achievements and experiences of our Environmental and Energy Systems (EES) graduates from the School of Energy Resources (SER). Our EES alumni possess a genuine interest in energy development and have chosen this major to gain exposure to a diverse range of fields. The interdisciplinary nature of the Energy Resource Management and Development (ERMD) degree at SER has been a natural fit, allowing our graduates to explore courses across various departments such as engineering, agriculture, business, and law. With the energy industry increasingly focusing on environmental concerns, EES alumni are well-prepared to make a difference. They have acquired invaluable knowledge through their studies at SER, enabling them to pursue rewarding careers in the energy sector. From understanding the science behind natural resources to actively participating in their management and protection, EES alumni have found the perfect balance in their professional endeavors. Join us in celebrating their accomplishments and commitment to a sustainable future.


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Voices of SER: Alumni Testimonials and Journeys



Alumni Testimonial


Sam Mallory's journey, characterized by ambition and dedication, took flight at the School of Energy Resources (SER) at the University of Wyoming. He excelled in his Bachelor's Degree in Energy Resource Management and Development, graduating Summa Cum Laude in 2018. His leadership was conspicuous as Vice President of the Wyoming Student Chapter of Professional Land Managers. His considerable contributions were recognized in 2018, when he was named a Finalist for the Tobin Memorial Outstanding Graduate Award and the American Association of Professional Landmen honored him with the Outstanding Graduate Award.

Today, Sam occupies a senior role at Shell, a leading global energy company, and continues to influence SER's future through his service on its Industry Advisory Board. Sam's journey, upholding the values of SER, continues to inspire future energy professionals.


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