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ASUW Legislative Branch


What is the ASUW Legislative Branch?

The ASUW Legislative Branch is the ASUW Vice President and the ASUW Senate. The ASUW Senate is comprised of 32 Senators who represent nine colleges and schools at UW.

What does the ASUW Legislative Branch do?

The ASUW Legislative Branch directly represent the students by ensuring the efficient, responsible, and coordinated functioning of student life and ASUW activities at the University, through the enactment of legislation in the form of bills or resolutions. The Senate is comprised of multiple committees all with various purposes in order to accurately represent our fellow students.

Who are my representatives?

The current breakdown of Senate seats are as follows:

  • Academic Affairs: 1 Seat (1 vacancy)
  • College Agriculture and Natural Resources: 3 Seats 
  • College of Arts and Sciences: 11 Seats
  • College of Business: 3 Seats
  • College of Education: 3 Seats
  • College of Engineering and Applied Science: 4 Seats
  • College of Health Sciences: 4 Seats
  • College of Law: 1 Seat
  • Haub School: 1 Seat
  • School of Energy Resources: 1 Seat (1 vacancy)

How do I join?

Every Spring semester, all Senate seats are up for grabs. Check out the Elections Page for more information. However, vacancies happen and you can grab an empty seat at any point of the semester when this happens. Check our Vacancies Page to see if we have any current vacancies. Lastly, you can join a committee as a student-at-large, which means you even get to be a voting member! Check out our Committees Page for more information about them and how to apply.