Dr. Clennan's NSF Project Recommended for Funding

May 12, 2012 - Edward Clennan has been informed by his NSF program officer that his proposal entitled "2nd Generation Pyrylogen and 1st Generation Viologen Electron Transfer Catalysts" has been recommended for funding.  This proposal outlines a study of recently synthesized light harvesting molecules called pyrylogens that are designed to inhibit energy wasting return electron transfer (RET). The fundamental design concept behind construction of these pyrylogens involved embedding two positive charges in a conjugated absorbing framework. The two positive charges ensure that upon electron transfer two repulsive radical cations are formed that are propelled apart in competition with RET. This proposal also extends this concept by synthetically incorporating the viologen functional group (two linked positively charged pyridinium rings) into polycyclic aromatic frameworks.  These new viologen light harvesting molecules are anticipated to have material properties ideal for use in a variety of devices including molecular switches, field-effect transistors, organic photovoltaic devices, and organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs).

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