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Consulting and Advising Student Orgs.

Student Orgs and Entertainment is committed to the success of our organizations and students in which they aim to serve. We recognize the needs of our 300+ student organizations are all different. Whether in-person or remote, we are happy to meet or consult with your organization. We are also willing to customize programs, workshops, and trainings for your officers or organization as a whole. Topics include, but aren’t limited to:
  • Leadership 101 – basics of leading an org
  • Recruiting new members
  • Marketing your org or event
  • Managing conflict
  • Goal setting
  • Strengthening connections among organization members
  • Event planning 101
  • Managing and navigating finances for your org.
  • Developing a system of accountability
  • Consultations (we meet/observe a function in order to provide feedback and resources to improve)
  • Recognizing members for their efforts


For more information on consulting please contact the student orgs office at