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Equipment Checkout


Student Orgs and Entertainment has equipment that student organizations or campus departments can check out for their own internal or external activities. While student organizations are able to rent equipment at no cost to them, campus departments have small rental costs that can be processed with an IDT. Student organizations can request equipment for anytime during the current academic year. Campus departments can request equipment one month out in order to give first priority to student organizations. Additional charges are possible for any equipment that is lost, returned late, not cleaned, or damaged in accordance with the University’s Fee Book.

 CHEQROOM Inivite Request: 

Due to recent implementation of two-factor verification by our rental system (CHEQROOM) student orgs members seeking to utilize the rental will need to request an invite to our inventory system to rent items. Please complete the required sections below. Please allow up to 48 hours for Student Orgs Support team to response to your request. Should you have any more questions please contact our Student Orgs Coordinator at

Rental Items will be unavaialbie: (Fall Semester Dates)

CHEQROOM Request Process: 

Have questions? Please contact Student Organzaitons Coordinator Larissa Rutz, at

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