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Student Org Related Policies


The University has several policies in place that impact student organizations. These policies are meant to regulate, provide consistency, and protect both the institution and users. The following are various UW regulations, policies, or procedures that have student organization implications.


University Regulations


Other Policies

  • Student Organization Classification Policy – outlines how student organizations are classified, their expectations, and benefits/limitations of classification levels.
  • Anti-Hazing Policy – Presidential Directive (UW Policy) related to hazing, including definition and parties responsible for enforcement.
  • UW Code of Conduct – University policy that outlines behavioral expectations of students, community values, and conduct procedures for alleged violations. Student orgs are held to the same standards of students and have a specific section within the policy.
  • Use of Buildings, Grounds, and Services for Student Orgs – Presidential Directive (UW Policy) related to standards and procedures of general use of buildings, grounds, and services with an emphasis on student orgs.
  • Alcohol Policy - Please contact central-scheduling@uwyo.edu if you would like to have alcohol at your event.
  • Minors on Campus Policy – outlines policy and procedures required if you would like to hold events where minors will be present.
  • Photography/Film Policy - If your Student Org wants to take photos or video an event, please fill out this form and email it to central-scheduling@uwyo.edu
  • Political Campaigns/Speakers - Please contact StudentOrgs@uwyo.edu if your organization wants to sponsor a political campaign or bring a political speaker to campus.
  • Risk Management - Risk Management reviews all registered events via UW Connect. If you would like to contact them directly about a specific event, contact risk@uwyo.edu
Student organizations or their members that have policy-related questions are encouraged to email StudentOrgs@uwyo.edu or visit Student Organizations and Entertainment (Union 012) to speak to a Student Org Support Team Member.