Melissa Bukovsky

Photo of Melissa Bukovsky

Associate Professor, Director in the Laboratory for Regional Earth Systems Modeling, UW Derecho Professor

Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources

(307) 766-5197  | | Crane Hall, Rm 151


PhD Meteorology, University of Oklahoma (2009)

Ms Meteorology, University of Oklahoma (2004)

BS Meteorology, Northern Illinois University (2002)

AS, College of DuPage (2000)


Background and Expertise

Melissa Bukovsky joined the Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources in August 2023.  She came to the University of Wyoming from the National Center for Atmospheric Research, where she had worked as a research scientist since 2009.  Melissa is the head of a new University of Wyoming laboratory focused on regional earth systems modeling which aims to provide quantitative, computationally derived projections of regionally relevant environmental futures for Wyoming and beyond.

Melissa’s research has focused on topics related to regional climate modeling, regional climate change, and climate change impacts and adaption for various North American regions and interests.  Projecting how climate will change, using that information to help inform how decisions can be made in the face of great uncertainty, understanding those uncertainties, and working across disciplines to model the potential effects of climate change from many angles is her speciality. 

Melissa is currently a member of the Science Advisory Team for the World Climate Research Programme’s Coordinated Regional Climate Downscaling Experiment (CORDEX), an effort aimed at advancing and coordinating the science and application of regional climate downscaling globally. She was also a Contributing Author for the Working Group 1 chapter on Linking Global to Regional Climate Change in the Sixth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and she contributed to the CORDEX simulation ensemble used in the report’s Atlas.


Selected Publications

Gao, J. and M. S. Bukovsky, 2023: Urban land patterns can moderate population experiences of climate extremes.  Nature Communications, in press.

Bukovsky M.S., and L.O. Mearns, 2020: Regional climate change projections from NA-CORDEX and their relation to climate sensitivity.  Climatic Change,162, 645-665.

Bukovsky, M.S., J. Gao, L. Mearns, B. O’Neill, 2021: SSP-based land use change scenarios: a critical uncertainty in future regional climate change projections.  Earth’s Futures, 9, e2020EF001782.

McGinnis, S., L. Kessenich, L. Mearns, A. Cullen, H. Podschwit, M.S. Bukovsky, 2023: Future regional increases in simultaneous large Western USA wildfires.  Int. J. Wildland Fire,

Gutowski Jr., W. J., A. Hall, R. Leung, T. O’Brian, C. Patricola, P. Ullrich, R. W. Arritt, M. S. Bukovsky, K. V. Calvin, Z. Feng, A. D. Jones, G. J. Kooperman, E. Monier, M. S. Pritchard, S. Pryor, Y. Qian, A. M. Rhoades, A. F. Roberts, K. Sakaguchi, N. Urban, C. Zarzycki, 2020.  The ongoing need for high-resolution regional climate models: Process understanding and stakeholder information.  Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., 101, E664–E683,

Visit Melissa Bukovsky's Google Scholar page for more information.



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