Kelly Heber Dunning

Photo of Kelly Dunning

Timberline Associate Professor of Sustainable Outdoor Recreation and Tourism

Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources | Crane Hall, Rm 234


PhD in Natural Resources Planning and Policy, MIT

MSc in Environmental Policy, Oxford University

B.A. in Political Science, University of Florida


Background and Expertise

Kelly Dunning is director of the Wildlife & Wilderness Recreation Lab (formerly the Conservation Governance Lab at Auburn University). The lab has the following priority research areas: 1) Public policy that enhances recreation and conservation for wildlife and both public and private lands. 2) Sustainable recreation on public lands and waterways such as national parks and national forests. 3) Hunter and angler experiences, R3, and the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation. 4) Public policy for improving hunter and angler access and diversifying the hunting and angling community. You can learn more about the Wildlife & Wilderness Recreation lab at

Selected Publications

Newly published book: The People’s Reefs: Democratic Management of an Ecosystem Under Threat

See more on Kelly Heber Dunning's Google Scholar page.


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