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Corrie Knapp

Assistant Professor, Environment and Society

Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources

(303) 810-2985 |  |  Kendall House, Rm 204

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Open graduate research assistantship positions:

Deadline to apply is February 15, 2022.



PhD, Human Ecology, University of Alaska Fairbanks

MS, Rangeland Ecology, Colorado State University

BA, Literature & Writing, University of Colorado Denver


Background and expertise

Corrine Noel Knapp (Corrie) is an Assistant Professor in the Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources. She came to the University of Wyoming from Western Colorado University in Gunnison where she had been a faculty member in the School of Environment & Sustainability and a founding member of the Masters of Environmental Management Program. She also directed the Integrative & Public Land Management track in the graduate program, where her graduates had a 95% placement rate in environmental jobs.

Her research interests are at the confluence of climate change, conservation & livelihoods. Using a social-ecological approach, she works in climate change adaptation, local and indigenous knowledge, sense of place, and conservation innovation. She has a deep commitment and passion for Western landscapes, rangelands, and the human and ecological communities that depend on them.

She is interdisciplinary by training and practice and enjoys researching with communities in a transdisciplinary approach. In addition, she is interested in the theory of research and practice, how research is used in real-world applications, and how education can better prepare students to contribute meaningfully to managing complex challenges. Her current projects include understanding drought decision-making by individual ranchers and rangeland organizations, exploring compound hazards and climate change related research needs in Wyoming, and assessing the equity of deliberate social-ecological transformations. In addition, she is currently serving as the Chapter Lead for the Northern Great Plains region chapter of the National Climate Assessment.

Prior to returning to school for her graduate studies, she worked for several non-profits (Denver Urban Gardens, Colorado Environmental Coalition, Center for Native Ecosystems), in agricultural production (Organic farm co-manager, ranch-hand), in public service (Denver Public Library, Fraser Public Library) and in environmental education (National Park Service, Snow Mountain Ranch). She brings these diverse work experiences into case studies in the classroom and concrete career advice for students. She teaches a range of undergraduate and graduate courses (see below).

She chooses to be a professor because it allows her to work one-one with students, challenge them to be engaged citizens, and contribute to the resilience of communities and ecosystems in the context of climate change.



Dr. Knapp has taught a wide variety of courses, including Introduction to Environment & Sustainability, Integrative Skills for Environmental Management, Public Land Management, National Environmental Policy Act for Environmental Managers, Sustainable Rangeland Social-Ecological Systems, Social Science for Environmental Management, and the Science of Climate Change, Adaptation & Mitigation. At University of Wyoming, she teaches graduate and undergraduate sections of Environmental Assessment, as well as Orientation to Environment, Natural Resources and Society, and Climate Change Responses.


Selected publications

[In Press] Shelley Crausbay, B. Chaffin, K. Clifford, A. Cravens, J. Gross, C. Knapp, D. Lawrence, D. Magness, A. Miller-Rushing, G. Schuurman, H. Sofaer, and C. Stevens-Rumann. 2021. A science agenda to support natural resource management decisions in a non-stationary world. Bioscience. Accepted August 2021.

[In Press] Clifford, K., A. Cravens and C. Knapp. 2021. Ecological transformation and decision-making in natural resource management: A conceptual framework. Bioscience. Accepted July 2021.

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Brown, C. L., S. F. Trainor, C. N. Knapp and N. P. Kettle. 2021. Alaskan wild food harvester information needs and climate adaptation strategies. Ecology and Society 26 (2):44.

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Bennett, D., Knapp, C.N., R. Knight, and Glenn, E. 2020. The evolution of rangeland trusts as catalysts for community-based conservation in the American West. Conservation Science & Practice. 

Knapp, C.N., S.M. McNeeley, T. Even, J.B. Gioia, and T. Beeton. 2020. Climate change, agency decision-making, and the resilience of land-based livelihoods. Weather, Climate & Society. 12(4): 711-727.

Nave, J., C.N. Knapp, S. McNeeley, and B. Rittenhouse. 2020. Planning for change? Assessing the integration of climate change and land-based livelihoods in Colorado BLM planning documents. Regional Environmental Change. 20:20.

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Chapin, F.S., Knapp, C., Brinkman, T.J., Bronen, R. and Cochran, P. 2016. Community-empowered adaptation for self-reliance. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability. 19: 67-75. 
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Knapp, C.N, and S.F. Trainor. 2013. Adapting science to a warming world. Global Environmental Change 23: 1296-1306.

Knapp, C. N., Cochran, J., Sayre, N. and G. Kofinas. 2013. Putting local knowledge and context to work for Gunnison Sage-grouse conservation. Wildlife-Human Interactions 7(2): 195-213.

Knapp, C., M. Fernandez-Gimenez, E. Kachergis, and A. Rudeen. 2011. Using participatory workshops to integrate state-and-transition models created with local knowledge and ecological data. Rangeland Ecology and Management 64(2): 158-170.


Contact Us

Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources

Bim Kendall House

804 E Fremont St

Laramie, WY 82072

Phone: (307) 766-5080

Fax: (307) 766-5099


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