UW Libraries' Resource Discovery & Management division coordinates the identification and selection of information and selection of information resources to meet the teaching and research needs of UW students, faculty, and staff and to serve the citizens of Wyoming.

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COLLECTION DONATION NOTICE: Due to decreased staffing and a backlog of unprocessed collections, we regret that we cannot accept in-kind donations of books or collections at this time. We anticipate accepting book donations again after November 2023. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please contact us with questions at

Journal and Database Subscription Review 

University of Wyoming librarians periodically review our online journal and database subscriptions, to assess whether collection funds are being spent optimally to support current teaching and research needs at the University. We use historical data about the aggregate use of online resources at UW to identify subscriptions where usage is very low in relation to the annual price we are paying. We take into consideration whether the information in question is available from other sources, and librarians collaborate closely with faculty in the related department(s) when making any decision to cancel.

Money saved through cancellation of extremely underutilized subscriptions is partly used to fund new subscriptions to in-demand journals and other online resources, and partly to pay for increases in other subscription fees - because, while the Libraries' collections budget has remained flat for many years, annual increases in most subscription prices have consistently been outstripping the inflation rate.

See below for information about actions taken as the result of the most recent subscription review:


UW Libraries welcomes donations of materials that support the research, curricular, and recreational interests of students, staff, and faculty. Accepting gifts can be costly, as the per-title processing costs range from $13 to $35 per title. Monetary gifts to cover the cost of reviewing and processing gifts are encouraged and always welcomed.

Due to the high costs of processing gifts and space limitations, the libraries only accept gifts in good condition that meet the libraries' collection development goals. Please contact the libraries in advance to discuss any materials you are considering donating. Our Gifts Coordinator can be reached at

Materials abandoned in book drops or at a Help Desk will be recycled without review. UW Libraries is unable to pay for shipping gifts
The Emmett D. Chisum Special Collections contain published material in all formats, focusing on Wyoming history and culture. To donate Wyomingana (materials about Wyoming) to UW Libraries, please let the Gift Coordinator know during your first conversation to include the Special Collections Librarian in the review process, or contact Special Collections at or (307) 76

 UW Libraries cannot accept: 

  • physical media formats (DVD, Blu-ray, CD, VHS, U-Matic, LP, microforms, etc.) 
  • textbooks 
  • general encyclopedias (e.g., World Book) 
  • dirty, moldy, infested, or otherwise damaged materials 
  • books with missing covers or pages, highlighting or notes 
  • health science books over three years old 
  • magazines, journals, or other periodicals (except where we have gaps in our collection)
  • The donor establishes gift value. See current IRS regulations on determining the value of the donated property and consult your accounting professional. UW Libraries will provide no formal or informal valuation. 
  • UW Libraries accepts in-kind donations with the understanding that materials become UW Libraries' property once received. Eventual exchange, donation, or recycling of unneeded materials is at the discretion of the libraries. 
  • The donor will receive an acknowledgment letter upon receipt of the gift. 


How to offer your collection to the UW Libraries 

  • Create a list of the books or media you wish to donate. Include the author, title, publisher, edition, ISBN, and publication date for each item. UW Libraries does not accept duplicates or earlier editions of owned materials. Please use QuickSearch while compiling your list. Verifying that UW Libraries does not own titles on your list expedites the gift process. 
  • Email your list of proposed donations to the Libraries' gifts coordinator at
  • Wait for a response from the libraries about which items we can accept and how to deliver your donation. UW Libraries is unable to pay for shipping gifts. Gifts become the property of the libraries, and we may exchange, donate, or recycle at our discretion. 
  • Box your gift and schedule delivery to the Libraries, remembering to include your inventoryFor the safety of our staff, boxes must weigh under 40 pounds. If you are on campus, we can discuss collecting your boxes after packing, or using campus mail, depending on the quantity. The libraries are unable to provide boxes for packing. 
Please contact our Gifts Coordinator with questions or donation inquiries at 

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