Alexis King

Thomas Lab Team Member


Major: Physiology 

Anticipated Grad Date: December 2022

Why I joined the Research Team:

Throughout my undergraduate career, I have been waiting to be a part of a research team conducting research that I would be passionate about uncovering, discovering, and learning about. The Strategies for Risk Reduction Lab Research that focuses on type 2 diabetes prevention is precisely that. Given that there is an increased prevalence of type 2 diabetes today, I think now it is essential for future medical professionals, like myself, to become educated as much as possible about this disease and ways to prevent it. Additionally, I need to acquire research experience to be a strong candidate for medical schools.

Future Plans:

My future goal is to become a doctor, then I have hopes of either going into the surgical field and/or opening a medical practice of my own. I am keeping an open mind to the kind of field that I want to go into because it's hard to know what I might fall in love with! Working with this research team will be the most helpful in learning how to share science with my teammates, mentors, peers, and the public. It will also be helpful to experience how to really collaborate with individuals who share a similar goal and help produce data that will have an impact on the health of individuals.

How my work with the team is related/helpful:

I think that being a part of this team will be my first real step toward immersing myself in the scientific community and learning more about the academic/professional side that can't be taught in a course.


Page uploaded 9/15/2022

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