Tessa Woods

Thomas Lab Team Member

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Major: Pharmacy

Grad Date: May 2020

Why I joined the Research Team:

I joined the Thomas Research Lab because I wanted to get involved with research in the health sciences field. I also wanted to be a part of something that wasn’t necessarily in a lab, so the fact that this team is more literature based but still interacts with people was ideal for me. I wanted to know more about what exactly goes on in research and how it is all done. This team has been a great way for me to expand my knowledge on qualitative and quantitative research, as well gain a deeper understanding of the topics we research.

Future Goals:

As of right now, I plan to pursue a career in an inpatient setting as a clinical pharmacist. However, I am remaining optimistic because there are several different directions I can go, being a pharmacist; and my clinical rotations in my fourth year of school will provide great experiences that might make me change my mind in what I decide to pursue. Another goal that I have is to help the Thomas Lab get more articles published and be a co-author on those articles!

How my work with the team is related/helpful:

This team has a strong focus on Type II Diabetes Prevention, and as a pharmacist, I will be dealing with Type II Diabetes every day. I have learned so much about patient perspectives of diabetes, and this information has better equipped me to counsel patients on things other than medications like multiple behavior changes. I also now understand behavior change facilitators and inhibitors that are specific to the Type II Diabetic population and can emphasize the facilitators and avoid inhibitors in order to better provide for patients. This research team has also really helped me with my presentation skills and confidence because we are able to present our research at multiple conferences and events.


Page uploaded 3/2/2018

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