Emma Snow

Thomas Lab Team Member

young woman in wool hat with long blond hair standing in beautiful golden autumn foliage

Major: Physiology

Anticipated Grad Date: Spring 2020/Fall 2020 (".depending if I decide to complete a Sociology major or keep it as a minor)

Why I joined the Research Team:

I chose to apply for this research position in hopes of being part of a group of people who care for the needs of others, and that is what I found! Diabetes is very prevalent in the under-served community of Laramie and in the United States in general. Going forward with my future aspirations of being a doctor, I believe that being knowledgeable on a disease that is so common is important. Treatment of a disease is very vital, but I aim to build the understanding of how to prevent the onset of them. Joining this research team gives me insight on the best ways to do so.

Future Plans:

I hope to attend a professional school after graduating from UW. I haven't fully decided if I want to go to Medical School or Dental School. It is a toss up between the two as of right now!!


Page uploaded 11/4/2019

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