Jenna Kindt

SNA Officer

young woman leaning on a wooden fence in a grassy field

Major: Nursing / Minor: Psychology

Anticipated Grad Date: May 2020

Why I joined the Research Team:

I was extremely interested in joining the Strategies for Risk Reduction research team because I believe that research is the cornerstone of quality health care. As a student in the nursing program, I was particularly intrigued by the project, "Perceptions of nurses and Native Americans in relation to the nurse-client relationship." I am looking forward to contributing to this project because I believe that respect and the integration of an individual's cultural background into competent, evidence-based practice, is at the heart of a culturally congruent nurse-client relationship.

I was also fascinated by the "Health-related concept in the context of lifestyle change and type 2 diabetes prevention" project. Affecting more than 24 million Americans and with numerous complications, the need for research on diabetes prevention - particularly lifestyle change - is indisputable! My job in home health care involves assisting diabetic clients with monitoring and management of the disease. Therefore, as a member of the research team I am enthusiastic to learn about the flip side of the coin - prevention!

Future Goals:

I am considering pursuing a career as a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner.

How your work with the team is related or will be helpful:

The development of strong research skills and the provision of quality health care are inextricably linked. In working with the research team I will balance collaborative and individual work, a skill that is invaluable now and as I pursue my future goals. Additionally, I will gain a deeper understanding of chronic health conditions and investigate ways to help patients become proactive in their own health care and instill a positive perception of health and healthcare providers.The development of strong research skills will serve as a foundation as I continually strive to grow as a future healthcare provider.


Page uploaded 9/25/2018

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