McKinzie Wade

Thomas Lab Team Member

yong woman with dark long hair in deep forest green and red dress

Major: Physiology

Anticipated Grad Date: May 2024

Why I joined the Research Team:

I joined this team so that I could enhance my knowledge about Type 2 diabetes and discover more about the preventative solutions to this disease. This position also seemed like a wonderful opportunity to better understand the research process and how a research team operates.

Future Goals:

I aspire to work in the medical field so that I can make a difference in the lives of others. Currently, I am looking into medical school, PA school, and Chiropractic school.

How your work with the team is related or will be helpful:

Working with a team of diverse individuals will give me exposure to collaborating with others who may think differently than I do, which will help expand my own thoughts. Additionally, being a part of a research lab will give me the opportunity to develop new skills that will be beneficial in the future, such as manuscript writing and presenting our findings.


Page uploaded 9/15/2021

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