Bailey McCoy

Thomas Lab Team Member

close-up of young woman hugging a kitten outside in a grassy field

Major: Nursing

Anticipated Grad Date: May 2020

Why I joined the Research Team:

I joined the research team because research and teamwork are both pivotal in patient centered care, and I thought the team would best equip me with the skill set that I will need to succeed in practice. It is also extremely gratifying to be a part of advances in medicine this early in my career.

Future Goals:

Once I finish my BSN I hope to continue education in a doctoral program and eventually work in a pediatric setting.

How your work with the team is related or will be helpful:

I know that my work with the research team will be beneficial in any professional setting I enter because it has enabled me to practice and hone in my critical thinking skills as well as truly be part of a collaborative care team filled with a diverse team of future health professionals.


Page uploaded 10/1/2018

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