Lorianne Ellingrod

Thomas Lab Team Member

young woman with dark hair sitting against wall in jeans, black shirt, neckscarf

Major: MS of Health Services Administration / Biopharmaceutical Regulations & Pre-Medical Studies

Why I joined the Research Team:

Besides the obvious reasons of gaining research experience and enhancing my medical school application, I joined this research group to apply my undergrad and graduate research methods education to a significant cause. I am striving to gain hands-on research experience, and what better a way to do so then studying and observing with this group, and with the focus of Type II Diabetes research. 

Future Plans:

My future plans include applying to the WWAMI medical program, and hopefully, becoming a physician in rural areas of Wyoming. Currently I am a clinical massage therapist, and I have seen firsthand the effects of Type II Diabetes on individuals in all demographics, but especially those without adequate healthcare due to location and lack of access. I look forward to applying what I learn with my experience in this group to my practice currently and in the future.


Page uploaded 11/4/2019

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