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Facilities Engineering

Facilities Engineering provide a complete construction service consisting of design, estimates, contract management, scheduling, construction, and in some cases funding for a wide variety of projects ranging from the installation of an outlet for a coffee pot to a complete laboratory renovation.  Estimating includes budgetary estimates that are fairly general with the purpose of acquiring funding for a project and detailed estimates that are used after design is complete and construction is about to begin. Most Engineering services are provided on a reimbursable basis.  Areas of operation include the following:

Central Scheduling

The Central Scheduling Office is the primary point of contact for all departments, groups, and individuals, who are interested in scheduling the use of facilities and space at the University of Wyoming. With a centralized scheduling process we are able to provide UW and the public an efficient and effective service for scheduling classes, activities and events.

Contract Management

Project Managers manage construction and maintenance related contracts with outside vendors. These include contractors hired to complete a specific project, contractors hired on an annual basis to perform time and material work, and specific maintenance contractors like roofing and environmental controls.

Custom Furniture and Machine Shops

UW Operations has a complete cabinet shop that constructs customized office furniture and specialized lab cabinets and casework. The welding shop provides manufacturing and repair of all types of metal items from athletic to research equipment. This work is generally completed on a reimbursable basis.

Equipment Installation

UW Operations is involved with the installation of equipment when the installation involves permanent connection to the University’s utility systems, structural modifications, or engineering consultation. Project involvement for equipment installation is completed on a reimbursable basis.

Major Maintenance projects

These are projects that are too large to be funded or repaired by an ongoing maintenance budget or staff. Many times these projects are large enough to involve outside contractors. In almost all cases, these projects are funded by specific appropriations or internal UW Operations budgets.


At times, equipment or facilities becomes worn out or out of date. Renewal brings the equipment or facility up to current standard for its current use and occupancy. These projects can be done either on a reimbursable basis or through internal UW Operations funds.


The modification of a facility to change the use, occupancy type or occupancy number. An example of this type of project is changing an office suite into a classroom, or a classroom into a laboratory. In general, these projects are done on a reimbursable basis.

UW Safety Office

The UW Safety Office provides safety services to the students, faculty, staff, and visitors of the University of Wyoming community.

  • Biological Safety
  • Chemical Purchasing and Regulated Materials Management
  • Chemical Safety
  • Occupational Safety
  • Radiation Safety
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