Facilities Services

Facilities Services is comprised of Custodial Services, Equipment Services, Grounds Services, Golf Course Operations, Postal Services, and Materials Services.

Custodial Services

The Custodial Services Department is a major support unit in UW Operations and is the largest department on campus with approximately 100 full time/part time employees.  The Custodial Services Department is run by a Deputy Director and five Assistant Managers. Four zones work a 5:00 am – 1:30 pm shift and one zone works a 4:00 pm - 12:00 am shift.  The current building zone structure can be found on the Custodial Services Org Chart.

The Custodial Services Department is responsible for the overall cleanliness of University academic facilities. The unit provides basic and advanced cleaning services, assists with snow removal, changes light bulbs and responds to emergencies, as needed. Designated custodial staff members lock and unlock buildings and provide special services for University events. In addition, the department maintains special equipment in a repair shop.

Through consistent communication and mutual respect, the Custodial Services Department strives to provide a clean, safe, sanitary and secure environment for the University community and general public.

Equipment Services

Equipment Services is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the heavy construction equipment assigned to UW Operations. They are responsible for the removal of snow from the campus streets, sidewalks, and parking lots. They are responsible for excavation or backfill work as well as operating the cranes and personnel lifts. Equipment Services also operates the sanitation garbage truck on campus. The sanitation truck is on campus and the outlying University properties Monday through Friday.

Grounds Services

Grounds Services is responsible for maintaining the campus grounds in an aesthetically pleasing and safe manner. This involves the planting of over 50,000 flowers in 250+ flower beds, caring for the lawns, trees, shrubs, etc. In addition, the department provides pest management for university facilities and assists Equipment Services with the removal of snow. This department is made up of five full-time employees augmented by approximately 25 students during the summer months.

Golf Course Operations

Golf Course operations is responsible for maintaining the grounds at the University’s Jacoby Golf Course and driving range. This department is made up of two full-time employees and up to 15 seasonal part-time employees. Maintaining the course involves irrigating, mowing, fertilizing, aerating, etc. all tee boxes, fairways, rough, sand traps, greens, trees, bushes and fencing for the 18-hole course. In addition, the department assists Equipment Services with removal of snow on and around main campus.

Postal Services

UW Postal Services provides the University of Wyoming community with friendly, efficient mail services with guidance from the USPS bylaws and private express statues.  This department consists of three full time employees and one part time employee. UW Postal Services processes outgoing, incoming, and on-campus mailings.  They work with approved venders and are responsible for University of Wyoming Non-Profit and Business reply permits.

Materials Services

Materials Services consists of four other departments: Moving Services, Recycling, Shipping & Receiving, and Surplus Property.

Moving Services consists of 3 full time Movers that are available to help departments with relocating physical items such as desks, chairs, bookshelves, etc. either to alternate locations or removal of unwanted items.

Recycling consists of 2 full time employees are that responsible for collection, transportation, bulking, and preparation of commodities for shipment to market.

Shipping & Receiving consists of 2 full time and one part time employee that handle incoming and outgoing package delivery for campus.

Surplus Property consists of one full time and one part time employee that collect, repair, clean, and prepare university property for sale to other UW departments and/or general public or disposal.


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