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Utilities Management

The Utilities Management office is responsible for the management, engineering and planning for campus wide utilities, including steam, water, irrigation water, chilled water, compressed air, and storm and sanitary sewer. This includes maintenance, utility locates, utility planning and development plus the procurement of coal, gas, electricity, water and sewer services for the university.

Building Automation Systems Team

The Building Automation Systems Team (BAST) is responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the campus building automation systems.  These can include HVAC, Lighting, Energy Metering and Security systems.  The BAST strives to make the University of Wyoming an energy efficient and sustainable campus through the use of cutting edge technology and techniques.  The BAST is comprised of two building automation systems technicians and one design engineer.

Central Energy Plant

The Central Energy Plant produces steam, compressed air and chilled water for the campus. The plant is located at the southwest corner of 19th and Harney Streets and occupies approximately six acres. Incorporated inside the glass walled building are four multi-fueled boilers. Three of the boilers are rated at 60,000 pounds of steam per hour and can be fired utilizing coal, natural gas, or fuel oil. Coal is the primary fuel source with approximately 23,000 tons consumed each year. The fourth boiler is rated at 30,000 pounds of steam per hour and can be fired utilizing either natural gas or fuel oil. No electricity is generated at this plant. Also, the plant includes two electric driven chillers that provide 1,400 tons of chilled water capacity for year round campus cooling needs. A 75 horse power screw compressor provides air for building temperature control and other compressed air needs. All after hours maintenance calls are routed to the plant as it is manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with a staff of 14 employees.

Stage Technical Services

Stage Technicians maintain, operate and provide technical support for the A&S Auditorium and the Fine Arts Concert Hall. Stage Technicians also assist in the operation of the Education Auditorium.

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