Inserting Images

Step by Step Instructions

Follow these directions to insert an image in a page in Omni CMS that is already uploaded into the system. Refer to this guide for instructions on how to upload images.

  1. From an editable region on the page, click the insert/edit image button on the edit toolbar.

    Note: These instruction are how to insert free form images in WYSIWYG sections of templates such as in an interior one-column section snippet. When insterting images into components, the component editor will provide fields to link images, size recomndations, etc.. 

    inserting images 1

  2. The insert/edit Image window is displayed. Click the browse button.

    inserting images 2

  3. The OmniBrowser window is displayed. Locate and select the desired image in the file browser list. Click insert

    inserting images 3

  4. The insert/edit Image window is now displayed. The unique image ID number will appear in the source field. 

  5. Type a description in the Alternative description field.

    Note: From here you can also adjust the size the image will appear on the page. You can only decrease the size though DO NOT increase the size or your image will appear pixelated. Always leave the lock icon to the right of the height field locked to ensure you do not stretch the image. 

    inserting images 4

  6. Click the "SAVE" button when ready to insert the image.

  7. The image is inserted into the selected editable region. Save your edits and view the page in the Preview tab to see how it will appear when published. 

    Note: If you image appears like the one below in the preview tab, this means that the image wasnt published. Review the uploading an image guide for more information about properly uploading and publishing images. 

    inserting images 5
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