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Our Mission

The mission of the Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory is to provide accessible, timely, accountable, and accurate diagnostic services to veterinarians and the people of Wyoming, while supporting disease research relevant to the state of Wyoming, providing educational outreach, and contributing to laboratory student training. 

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Quality Assurance

The Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory is a fully accredited laboratory committed to the maintenance of a quality assurance program that ensures that all procedures and documentation are in compliance with the quality standards of the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians (AAVLD).  The AAVLD has administered an accreditation program for state-funded veterinary diagnostics laboratories since 1969, and regularly send both administrative and scientific personnel of accredited laboratories on site visits to other labs seeking accreditation. The WSVL uses the guidelines established by the AAVLD to maintain a high level of quality control throughout our facility to assure reliable and efficient results.

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Disease Surveillance and Outbreak Diagnostics

The WSVL is a tier II member of the National Animal Health Laboratory Network (NAHLN) and provides disease surveillance, communication of diagnostic outcomes to decision makers, and diagnostics during animal disease outbreaks. Furthermore, we offer continuous reportable animal disease testing for the state of Wyoming.

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  Other Activities

The WSVL is an integral part of the Department of Veterinary Sciences within the College of Agriculture, Life Sciences, and Natural Resources. The laboratory strives to continually modernize testing techniques and efforts. Current test development efforts are centered on expanding the range of diagnostic tests available, e.g., for infectious diseases.



The WSVL contributes to collaborative projects with the Wyoming Livestock Board, Wyoming Game and Fish Department, other diagnostic laboratories, veterinary schools, the USDA, other workgroups within the University of Wyoming.



The WSVL Advisory Board Members

  • Dr. Bob Beiermann
  • Dr. Kevin Dickey
  • Dr. Mike Driscoll
  • Dr. Gunda Gamble
  • Dr. Hallie Hasel
  • Mr. Steve True
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Contact Us

Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory

1174 Snowy Range Rd

Laramie, WY 82070

Phone: 307-766-9925

Toll Free: 1-800-442-8331

Email: vetrec@uwyo.edu

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