Clifford Marks

MarksAssociate Professor of English

Hoyt 332,


Cliff Marks does research on Comics and Graphic Novels, British and American Romanticism, Victorian literature, the Holocaust, the Bible as literature, and film. He is interested in the ethical dimensions of literature and the relationship between philosophy and literary theory. Most recently he has begun to study eco-criticism. Outside of work, Cliff has worked closely with Laramie’s Jewish community since arriving in Wyoming in 1989 and has been a board member of the Laramie Film Society for over a decade. He enjoys long walks with his affable mutts Albert and Samantha, as well as exercise, cooking, and sports.


Ph.D., State University of New York-Buffalo

M.A., State University of New York-Buffalo

A.B., University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Recent and Upcoming Courses

First Year Seminar in Film Genre

Studies in Comics and Graphic Novels

British Romanticism

Graduate Studies in Non-fiction Comics and Graphic Novels

Introduction to Literature and the Environment

Selected Publications/Awards

“Wise Beyond Her Years: How Persepolis Introjects the Adult into the Child”

“’Herr Direktor’: Biography and Autobiography in Schindler’s List” (with Bob Torry)

Maus and Bitburg”

"Daniel Deronda: Community, Spirituality, and Minor Literature."

"Fragments and Fragility: Permeable Foundations in ‘The Triumph of Life.’"

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