Management & Marketing

Stephanie Geiger Oneto

Associate Professor

Ph.D., University of Houston
M.A., University of Houston
B.S., University of Nebraska - Lincoln


Teaching Interests

Consumer Behavior
Marketing Research



Consumption Related Emotions
Consumption Issues Related to Social Welfare
Status Consumption
Consumption of Counterfeit Goods


Selected Publications

Geiger-Oneto, Stephanie, Betsy D. Gelb, Doug Walker and James D. Hess “Elite Brands and Their Counterfeits: A Study of Social Motives for Purchasing Status Goods” (forthcoming in the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science). 

Hunt, David, Stephanie Geiger-Oneto and Philip Varca (2012) “Satisfaction in the Context of Customer Co-Production: A Behavioral Involvement Perspective,” (forthcoming in the Journal of Consumer Behaviour).

Geiger-Oneto, Stephanie and Eric Arnould (2011), “Alternative Trade Organization and Subjective Quality of Life: The Case of Latin American Coffee Producers,” Journal of Macromarketing, 31(3), 276-291. 

Sundie, Jill, Jim Ward, Daniel J. Beal, Wynne Chin and Stephanie Geiger-Oneto (2009) "Schadenfreude as a Consumption-Related Emotion: Feeling Happiness about the Downfall of Another's Product," Journal of Consumer Psychology, 19(3), 356-373.

Gelb, Betsy D., Stephanie Geiger-Oneto, and Gabriel Gelb, (2008) "From knowing to doing: experience and flexibility make the difference," Journal of Business Strategy, 29(5), 12-18.

Wyatt, Rosalind, Betsy D. Gelb, and Stephanie Geiger-Oneto (2008) "How Social Insecurity and the Social Meaning of Advertising Reinforce Minority Consumers' Preference for National Brands," Journal of Current Issues and Research in Advertising, 30(1), 61-70.

Wansink, Brian, Glenn Cordua, Ed Blair, Collin Payne, and Stephanie Geiger (2006), "Wine Promotions in Restaurants: Do Beverage Sales Contribute or Cannibalize?" Cornell Quarterly, 47(4), 327-336.

Geiger-Oneto, Stephanie and R. Scott Phillips (2003), "Driving While Black: The Role of Race, Sex and Social Status," Journal of Ethnicity in Criminal Justice, 1(2), 1-25.

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