Management & Marketing

Philip Varca

Emeritus Professor

Ph.D., Louisiana State University
M.S., Louisiana State University
B.A., Florida State University


Teaching Interests
Employee Selection
Motivation and Leadership in Organizations
Managerial Problem Solving


Employee Selection and Training
Morale and Work Productivity
Managing Services Organizations


Selected Publications
Valentine, S., Godkin, L. & Varca, P.E. (In press) Role conflict, mindfulness & organizational ethics in an education-based healthcare institution.  J. of Business Ethics

Sean Valentine, Varca, P.E., Godkin, L. & Barnett, T. (2010)   Positive job attitudes and ethical job performance.  Journal of Business Ethics, 95, 195-206

Varca, P.E. (2009) Emotional empathy and front line employees: Does it make sense not to care about the customer? Journal of Services Marketing, 23, 51-56

Varca, P.E. (2006) Telephone surveillance in call centers: prescriptions for reducing strain. Managing Service Quality, 290 - 305.

Varca, P.E. (2005). The case for emotionally intelligent workers. World at Work Journal, Winter, 28-37.

Varca, P.E. (2004). Competencies for service workers: Emotional intelligence & beyond.  Managing Service Quality, 14,457-467.

Varca, P.E. & Pattison.  (2002). Attaining teaching excellence: A critical incident method. Journal of Business and Legal Studies,19, 154-185. 

Varca, P.E. (2001). Service representatives, job control, and white-collar blues. Journal of Services Marketing,15, 257-269.

Varca, P.E. (1999). Work stress and customer service delivery.  Journal of Services Marketing, 13(3), 249-241.

Pattison P., and P.E. Varca, (1994).  Workers' compensation for mental stress claims in Wyoming. Land and Water Law Review, 29, 1-27.

Varca, P.E., and P. Pattison. (1993). Evidentiary standards in employment discrimination:  A view toward the 1990's.  Personnel Psychology, 239-258.

Varca, P.E., and M.J. Valutis.  (1993).  The relationship of ability and satisfaction to job performance.  International Journal of Applied Psychology, 42, 265-275.

Varca, P.E.  (1992).  Power, policy and the new service worker.  Marketing Management, 7, 44-48. 

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