Creating Folders

Step by Step Instructions

When you're ready to build a new page inside Omni CMS, you may have the need to create a new subfolder to house new pages in your site. As with any CMS, folder structure is not only an important part of organizing your site, it also adds to your site URL site structure. Creating a page within a subfolder adds context for website visitors so they know where they are within your site. There are two types of folder options in Omni CMS:

  • New Page Section Folder: used to build folders that contain new pages/navigation. This folder creates proper navigation files of the folder and must be chosen if you intend to build pages inside the folder.
  • New File/Image Folder: used for folders that will house images and does not require navigation. This folder will not build navigation files.

Choose the type of folder you wish to build and follow the steps below accordingly. 


New Page Section Folder

New page section folders will generate additional navigation in your side nav and breadcrumb navigation. For example, if you create a subfolder in your site called “news", you can create multiple pages under that folder which will show up as expandable sidebar content in a 2-column template. For more information about site navigation, check out this guide

To learn how to corrrectly create a new page section folder watch the video below. 



New File/Image Folder

File/Image Folders are intetned only to house images and uploaded PDF files. Use this type of folder to keep your site organized and your images easy to locate. 

  1. Once you have found the location where your new image folder will live within your site navigation, click "+ NEW" in the top right of the screen.

    new file image folder 1

  2. A window will appear. From the template options, choose "New Image Folder".

    new file/image folder

  3. A window will appear. Fill out the Folder Name feild and click "create".  

    Note: All subfolder names must be lowercase with hyphens in place of spaces, and they cannot contain special characters such as (!,%*#).

    new file image folder

  4. Your new File/Image folder will appear and is now ready to recieve content. 

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