Creating New Pages

Step by Step Instructions

  1. The first step to creating a new page is to write your content. Once your content is ready to go and you have an idea about how the page will look, login to Omni CMS. 

  2. Next, determine if this page is going to be a part of a new section on your site or a single page of content. If you are creating a new section (with multiple new pages), the first thing you'll do is create a new folder.

  3. If you created a folder, click into it. If not, click into the exisitng folder where your new content will live. Once you are in that folder, click the "+ New" button in the top right of the screen.

    creating a page step 1

  4. Choose the page template that is most applicable. For examples of how each of the available templates look and function, browse these guides.

    Note: Pay close attention to the type of page template you select as you will need to remember it as you edit the page in order to ensure you are inserting the correct snippets and components. 

    new page step 2

  5. The window below will appear. Here's which fields to complete and how:
    • Page title: Put in your page title. Be sure your title has proper grammar and spelling. Example: "Financial Aid Documents". 

    • Description: Add a description. Your description should be at least 25 words in full sentences describing what the user will find on the page. Example: "Find all the documents needed to apply for financial aid including FASFA instructions, scholarship applications and requirements and contact information for assistance."

    • Add Navigation Item: Always leave defaulted to YES

    • Filename: Fill in the file name with the same phrasing as the "Page Title" from step one but with differernt formatting. Just like with folder names, image and document names, the file name should be:

      • Separated by dashes (not underscores)

      • Lowercase letters only

      • No symbols

  6. Click "Create" once the above feilds have been filled out.

    New page step 3

  7.  The new page will automatically be opened and you can begin adding content. Be sure to refer to the Snippet and component guides, as well as others in this knowledge base to help aid you in creating your page successfully.

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