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Band - See Music

Beef Unit

341 State Hwy 230

Travis Smith, Livestock Mgr .....745-3142

Berry Center - See Biodiversity Institute, Ecology & Biogeochemistry Core Laboratory, Genome Technologies Laboratory, Museum of VertebratesStable Isotope Laboratory, or Wyoming Natural Diversity Database (WYNDD)


Bike Registration - ­ See Police, University

Biochemistry - ­ See Molecular Biology


Biodiversity Institute

Dept. 4304, 1000 E. University Ave.

Berry Center Rm. 231


Office .....766-6240

Brent Ewers, Dir .....766-6745

Brett Addis, Assoc Dir .....766-6279

Mason Lee, Proj Coord, Sr .....766-6240

Abbey (Erendira Abigail) Morales Eggener, Social Media Mgr

Biological Sciences Animal Facility

Dept. 3166, 1000 E. University Ave.

Biological Sciences Bldg. Rm. 500

Dir .....766-6719

Robert Carroll, Caretaker, Sr .....766-3340

Biology - See Botany


Board of Trustees

Old Main, Room 206

RoseMarie London, Dpty Secretary Board of Trustees .....766-2903

Bookstore - See University Store


Dept. 3165, 1000 E. University Ave.

Aven Nelson Bldg. Rm. 107 A & B

Fax .....766-2851

Brent Ewers, Head .....766-4350

Main Office .....766-4207

Life Science Service Center

Laura Cole, Busn Mgr .....766-5627

Rachel Dobjeleski, Office Assoc, Sr .....766-4235

Jake Orr, Office Assoc, Sr .....766-4208

Louis O. & Terua P. Williams Botany Conservatory, Sarah Lemli .....766-4336

Rocky Mountain Herbarium, Burrell "Ernie" Nelson .....766-2236

Rocky Mountain Herbarium, Director, David Tank …… 766-4276

Jack Ross, Office Assoc .....766-4207


Branding Iron Student Newspaper

Dept. 3625, 1000 E. University Ave.

Wyoming Union Rm. 302


Office .....766-6190

Advertising Sales .....766-6336

Bridge – See LeaRN


Brinkerhoff Earth Resources Information Center - See Libraries


Buchanan Center Special Events

Lexis Hamilton, Prog Coord .....766-5139


Buchanan Center for the Performing Arts Box Office .....766-6666

Budget & Institutional Planning

Dept. 3413, 1000 E. University Ave.

Merica Hall Rm. 201

Office .....766-4897

Bulk Mail/Label Center - See Mail Rooms

Bulletin Rooms - See College of Agriculture Resource Center

Business, College of

Dept. 3275, 1000 E. University Ave.

Business Bldg. Rm. 310

Fax .....766-4028

Phone .....766-8249 (UBIZ)


Scott Beaulier, Dean .....766-4977

Ben Cook, Sr. Asst Dean .....766-2858

Anne Alexander, Asst Dean .....766-4194

Cheryl Brome, Asst to the Dean .....766-4977


Marketing, Outreach & Engagement

Sena Krula, Outreach & Engagement Coord .....766-4153

J.T. Cattelan, Marketing Dir .....766-4185

Amyntas Hinckley, Marketing & Comm Spec .....766-4295


Business Office

Karen Rhodine, Dir, Bus Ops .....766-4195

Brenda Cossitt, Interim Busn Mgr .....766-4165

Heidi Cruz, Office Assoc Sr .....766-4304

Administrative Operations

Matt Coulter, Interim Dir, Admin Ops .....766-4161

Carlina Asay, Interim Admin Assoc .....766-3728

Brian Barr, Prog Coord .....766-4192

Kourney Faycosh, Interim Admin Asst .....766-3807

Josie Voight, Special Events Coord .....766-4197


Peter M. & Paula Green Johnson Student Success Center

Dept. 3275, Business Bldg., Rm. 160

Main Office .....766-8249 (UBIZ)


Justine Tidings, Dir .....766-2482

Jake Dalman, Asst Dir .....766-4222


Business Academic Advising

Jamie Manzanares, Academic Advising Professional, Lead .....766-2090

Paige Johnson, Academic Advising Professional .....766-4108

Hallie Sherard, Academic Advising Professional .....766-2489

Sean Coyle, Academic Advising Professional .....766-2448

Braeden Davis, Academic Advising Professional .....766-3142

Business Career Services

Bailee Miller, Career Advising Professional .....766-3061

Chris Harris, Career Advising Professional .....766-4170

Sena Krula, Outreach & Engagement Coord .....766-4153


Business Enrollment Management

Tyler Gross, Enrollment Serv Coord, Sr .....766-4888

Christi Wildcat, Enrollment Serv Coord .....766-4988

Business Graduate Programs

Dept. 3275, Business Bldg. Rm. 376

Fax .....766-4028


Main Office .....766-2449

Benjamin Cook, Asst Dean/Dir .....766-2858

Quique Girones, Asst Prof/Assoc Dir .....766-2449

Kristin Lewis, Prog Coord, Sr .....766-4049

Ashley Bock, Prog Coord .....766-2447

Hannah McLean-Leonard, Prog Coord .....766-4193


Center for Business & Economic Analysis

David Aadland, Dir ......766-4931

Alex Gebben, SER Energy Economist ,,,,,766-4931

Morgan Holland, Research Economist WORTH .....766-4130


Business Enterprises

Washakie Center 25

Eric Webb, Assoc VP of Business Enterprises .....766-3059

Kaylyn Greenawalt, Director, Business Operations .....766-3829

Rebecca Watanbe, Business Manager .....766-2288

Stephanie Lownds, Coord, Area Public Relations .....766-5096

The University Directory is an online version of the printed University of Wyoming Directory printed once a year. The online directory is updated throughout the year by following the submission guidelines.

Undergraduate and Graduate

Got a Question?

(307) 766-5160

Information Technology

(307) 766-4357 (Help Desk)

Academic Support - Student Computing

Ask IT - Online Resources

Intercollegiate Athletics
(307) 766-2292


International Students and Scholars
(307) 766-5193

Office of Distance Education Support
(307) 766-4300

Residence Life and Dining Services
(307) 766-3175

(307) 766-5272

Scholarships and Financial Aid
(307) 766-2116

Wyoming Union
(307) 766-3160

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If you wish to make an update to your department or unit's information, you must follow these instructions.