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University Directory

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Radio - See Wyoming Public Media

Real Estate Operations

Dept. 4335, 1000 E. University Ave.

Crane Hall Rm. 318

Arron Sullivent, Mgr .....766-2936

Robert Kirkwood, GIS Spec .....766-2940


Recreation & Park Administration - See Geography


(University Operations, Material Services)

General Storage Building

Email .....

Supv .....766-3590


Red Buttes Environmental Biology Laboratory

Dept. 3166, 1000 E. University Ave. Biological Science Bldg. Rm. 428

Lab Location:  South of Laramie on Hwy 287

Fax .....766-5625

Steve DeVries, Tech, Sr .....745-8504


Registrar, Office of the

Dept. 3964, 1000 E. University Ave. Knight Hall Rm. 167

Fax .....766-3960

Information .....766-5272/766-6646/766-3137

Vacant, Registrar .....766-5273

Lane Buchanan, Interim Registrar .....766-6613

Bobby Ratterree, Assoc Registrar .....766-5272

Vacant, Office Assoc .....766-5272

Vacant, Office Assoc .....766-3071

Degree Analysts

Nicole Candelaria, Degree Analyst .....766-3952

Lynn Wheat, Mgr Academic Scheduling, Athletics Compliance, & Analyst .....766-5704

Zach Besler, Degree Analyst .....766-5258

Sean Johnson, Degree Analyst .....766-5729

Vacant, Degree Analyst .....766-5722


Jennifer Waluta, Coord, Catalog Curriculum & Transfer Eval…..766-5255

Miguel Rosales, Proj Coord, Sr .....766-6645

UW Transcripts & Enrollment Verifications

Jackie Robinson, Transcripts & Enrollment Verifications …..766-5274


Vacant, Sr. Academic Scheduling Coord

Vacant, Information Spec .....766-8275


Regulated Materials Management Center (RMMC)

(University Operations)

Dept. 4208, 1000 E. University Ave.

Fax .....766-3699


Rene Mendez, Supv Haz Materials .....766-3698, 

Vacant, Haz Mat Spec .....766-3697, 


Religious Studies - See Philosophy and Religious Studies


Renewable Resources - See Ecosystem Science and Management, Department of

Research & Economic Development

Dept. 3355, 1000 E. University Ave.

Old Main Rm. 308

Fax .....766-2608

Office .....766-5353

Parag Chitnis, VP .....766-5353

Karyn Bercheni, Asst to the VP .....766-5353

Steve Farkas, Assoc VP .....766-6271

Bryant Smalley, Assoc VP .....766-5353


Farrell Rapp, Dir, Research Services .....766-2047

Shauna Bury, Asst Dir, Research Services .....766-2255

Ashlee Kupilik, eRA Busn Analyst, Exec .....766-6271

Amanda Larson, Coord, Research Srvs .....766-2255

Ashley Schnell, Coord, Research Srvs .....766-2264

Charli Ruess, Coord, Research Srvs .....766-2264

Kasi Smart, Coord, Research Srvs .....766-5380


Jami Miller, Dir, Busn Ops .....766-2074

Dawn Jolley, Accountant, Busn Ops .....766-2006

Nicole Nelson, Accountant, Busn Ops .....766-2022


Carolyn Brandt, Dir, Research Integrity and Compliance .....766-3621

Kevin Shimkus, Coord, Research Compliance .....766-5322

Nichole Person, Coord, Research Compliance .....766-5322

Hannah Owens, Biological Safety Spec.....766-2723

Jim Herrold, Research Safety Spec .....766-2638


H. Victoria Bryant, Dir, Research Products Center .....766-2509

Josh Brackett, Licensing/Patent Mgr .....766-5594


Liudmila Mainzer, Dir, ARCC .....766-2074

Mike Killean, Deputy Dir, ARCC .....766-3600

Simon Alexander, HPC Software Mgr/Prog Analysist, ARCC .....766-4096

Jeffrey Lang, Proj Mgr, Info Tech, ARCC .....766-3381

Levi Wilbert, Systems Admin II, ARCC .....766-5093

Tim Brewer, Research Computing Supp Spec, Sr, ARCC .....766-2700

Josh Cook, Prog Analyst, ARCC .....766-3600



Research Institute - See Western Research Institute


Research Products Center - See Wyoming Technology Transfer and Research Products Center

Research Support, A&S Division of

Dept. 3391, 1000 E. University Ave.

Physical Science Bldg. Rm. 20A

General Manger, Physical Science Bldg. Rm. 14 .....760-7554

Office, Physical Science Bldg. Rm. 20A .....766-2120

Stockroom, Physical Science Bldg. Rm. 20 .....766-4348

Electronic Shop, Physical Science Bldg. Rm. 14B .....766-7554

Machine Shop, Physical Science Bldg. Rm. 14D .....766-4337


Residence Life

(Housing and Dining)

Vacant, Dir, Res Life .....766-3504

Taryn Wright, Assoc Dir .....766-4164

Vacant, Asst Dir, Community Development .....766-4230

Residence Halls

Downey Hall Desk .....766-2126

McIntyre Hall Desk .....766-2265

White Hall Desk .....766-2277

Orr Hall Desk .....766-2360

Amy Kelly, Residence Coord, Downey Hall & Honors House .....766-3577

Jonothan Stephenson, Residence Coord, White Hall .....766-3873

Nate Bentley, Residence Coord, McIntyre Hall

Cheyenne Ferrin, Residence Coord, Orr Hall & Tobin House

UW Apartments

Main Office .....766-3176

Tony Zimny, Residence Coord, UW Apartments .....766-3550

Amber Monroe-Martin, Leasing Coord, Contracts .....766-6980


Residence Life and Dining Services - See Housing and Dining



(Human Resources)

Hill Hall, Rm. 339

Fax .....766-5636

Cherise Laud, Benefits & Retirement Spec, Sr .....766-2437

TIAA-CREF Counseling .....(800) 842-2776

WY Retirement System .....(307) 777-7691


Risk Management

Dept. 4305, 1000 E. University Ave.

Hill Hall Rm. 642

Main Office .....766-5767

William (Tim) Wiseman, Chief Risk Officer .....766-6787

Kimberly Flowers, Risk Management Claims Progr Dir .....766-5767

Elizabeth McDade, Student Health Insurance .....766-3025

Rocky Mountain Herbarium and Solheim Mycological Herbarium

Dept 3165, 1000 E. University Ave.

Aven Nelson Building, 3rd floor

Curator .....766-2236


Rocky Mountian Center for Play Therapy

Education Building, Rm. 337

Office .....766-5329

Kara Carnes-Holt, Dir .....766-5329





Fieldhouse, Room 115

Seth T. Glause, Head Coach .....(307) 350-8559



Room Scheduling (Central Scheduling)

Classroom Bldg. Rm. 204

Fax .....766-3557

Andrew Ohlschwager, Interim Mgr .....766-6717

Student Interns.....766-2487/2869

STEM Building Information Desk .....766-7070

See also Central Scheduling


R.O.T.C., Air Force ­ - See Air Force, R.O.T.C.

R.O.T.C., Army -­ See Army, R.O.T.C.

Ruckelshaus (William D.) Institute of Environment  & Natural Resources- See Haub School  of Environment and Natural Resources

The University Directory is an online version of the printed University of Wyoming Directory printed once a year. The online directory is updated throughout the year by following the submission guidelines.

Undergraduate and Graduate

Got a Question?

(307) 766-5160

Information Technology

(307) 766-4357 (Help Desk)

Academic Support - Student Computing

Ask IT - Online Resources

Intercollegiate Athletics
(307) 766-2292


International Students and Scholars
(307) 766-5193

Office of Distance Education Support
(307) 766-4300

Residence Life and Dining Services
(307) 766-3175

(307) 766-5272

Scholarships and Financial Aid
(307) 766-2116

Wyoming Union
(307) 766-3160

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If you wish to make an update to your department or unit's information, you must follow these instructions.