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University Directory

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Machine Shop, A&S Research Support

Physical Science Bldg. Rm. 25 .....766-4337


Mail Rooms

McWhinnie Hall

UW Postal Service .....766-4297


Management & Marketing

Dept. 3275, 1000 E. University Ave.

College of Business, Business Bldg. Rm. 354

Fax .....766-3488


Main Office .....766-3124

Chase Thiel, Dept Chair .....766-2054


ManufacturingWorks (MW)

A center of the University of Wyoming and a member of the MEP National Network/National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST)

Dept. 3362, 1000 E. University Ave.

Office Annex, Rm 27

Laramie, WY 82071-2000

State Headquarters Office .....766-4811

Rocky S. Case, Ctr Dir .....766-4817


Vacant, Asst Dir of Finance .....766-4812

Vacant, Asst Dir of Business Dev .....766-3056

Laramie (Southwest Wyoming)

Joshua T. Watson, Acct & Proj Mgr .....(307) 766-4820


Cheyenne (Southeast Wyoming)

Michael Grundy, Acct & Proj Mgr .....503-804-6754


Casper (East/Central Wyoming)

Vacant, Acct & Proj Mgr .....

Email .....

Sheridan (Northern Wyoming)

Tyler O’Daniel, Acct & Proj Mgr .....308-430-0366


Riverton (West/Central Wyoming)

Kevin A. Kershisnik, Field Rep .....(307) 856-0952



Materials Science and Engineering Program (MSE)

Dept. 3905, 1000 E. University Ave.

Physical Science Bldg. Rm. 210

Fax .....766-2652


Office .....766-2862

Patrick Johnson, Dir .....766-6524

Paul Johnson, NASA EPSCOR/WY NASA Space Grant Dir .....766-6267

Office Assoc .....766-2862


Mathematics & Statistics

Dept. 3036, 1000 E. University Ave.

Ross Hall Rm. 327

Office .....766-4221

Email, Math

Email, Statistics

Jason Williford, Dept Head .....766-2209

Tim Robinson, Prog Dir, Statistics .....(307) 761-5159

Roman Winter, Office Assoc, Sr .....766-4221


Math Registration and Placement Exams

Ross Hall Rm. 29

David Anton, Math Lab & Placement Dir .....766-6577

Jenna Krieschel, CASM & Math Placement Coord .....766-6831

McNair Scholars Program - See Student Educational Opportunity

Meat Lab

AS/MB Bldg. Rm. 136

Kyle Phillips, Mgr .....766-4163


Mechanical Engineering

Dept. 3295, 1000 E. University Ave.

Engineering Bldg. Rm. 2052


Ray Fertig, Interim Head and Prof .....766-3647

Amy C. Reed, Office Assoc, Sr .....766-2122

Ike Ruse, Engineer, Sr .....766-2122


Media Relations - See University Public Relations

Medical Education & Public Health

Area Health Education Center (AHEC)

Dept. 3432, 1000 E. University Ave.

Marivern Easton, Dir .....766-26751

UW Family Medicine Residency Program/Casper

1522 E "A" St, Casper, WY 82601

Fax .....234-7033

Clinic .....234-6161

Brian Veauthier, M.D., Dir .....(307) 234-6161

UW Family Medicine Residency Program/Cheyenne

821 E 18th St, Cheyenne, WY 82001

Fax .....638-3616

Clinic .....632-2434

Evan Norby, D.O., Dir .....777-7911

Albany Community Health Clinic

1174 N. 22nd St. Laramie, WY 82072

Fax .....766-3316


Clinic .....766-3313

After Hours .....(307) 632-2434

Richelle Keinath, Dir .....(307) 766-3313

WWAMI Medical Education Program

Dept. 4238, 1000 E. University Ave.

Health Sciences Center, Rm. 457B

Tim Robinson, Dir .....766-2496


Microbiology Program

Dept. 3944, 1000 E. University Ave.

Ag Bldg. Rm. 5004

Fax .....766-3875


Gerry Andrews, Dir .....766-3139


Military­ - See Air Force R.O.T.C.  or Army R.O.T.C.

Mining Engineering ­- See Civil Engineering

Minority Affairs See Multicultural Affairs

Modern & Classical Languages

Dept. 3603, 1000 E. University Ave.

Hoyt Hall, Rm. 126

Fax .....766-2727

Email .....

Main Office .....766-4176

Joy Landeira, Head .....766-4852

Kevin Chancellor, Business Manager .....766-2867

Gwynn Lemler, Office Assoc, Sr .....766-6453

Laszlo Somlyay, Office Assoc .....766-4176


Yan Zhang, Section Leader

Classical Languages

Laura De Lozier, Section Leader


Khama-Bassili Tolo, Section Leader


Rebecca Steele, Section Leader


Noah Miles, Section Leader


Joy Landeira, Section Leader


Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences


Dept. 3944, 1000 E. University Ave.

Science Initiative Building, 2nd Floor

Fax .....766-5098


Dan Levy, Dir .....(307) 417-0354


Molecular Biology

Dept. 3944, 1000 E. University Ave.

Science Initiative Building, 2nd Floor

Main Office .....766-3300

Fax .....766-5098


Jay Gatlin, Chair .....766-3498

Marissa Gannon, Accountant .....766-3300

Yana Nightingale, Office Assoc .....766-3300

Multicultural Affairs

Dept. 3625 1000 E. University Ave

Office .....766-6463


Multicultural Resource Center

Wyoming Union, Rm. 103

Poke Pride Center

Wyoming Union, Rm. 106


Museum, Art - See Art Museum

Museum, Geological - See Geological Museum


Museum, Herbarium - See Rocky Mountain Herbarium and Solheim Mycological Herbarium


Museum, Insect - See Insect Museum and Gallery


Museum of Vertebrates

(Zoology and Physiology)

1000 E. University Ave.

Berry Center

Matthew Carling, Faculty Curator .....(307) 223-1762

Elizabeth Wommack, Staff Curator .....766-6227


Dept. 3037, 1000 E. University Ave.

Buchanan Center for the Performing Arts, Rm. 2022

Fax .....766-5326

Main Office .....766-5242

Ben Markley, Chair .....766-3894

Business Mgr .....766-5220

Email, Bands

Dir .....766-3877

Western Thunder Marching Band

Joseph Carver, Dir .....766-5244


Brian Murray, Dir .....766-5242

Symphony Orchestra

Michael Griffith, Dir .....766-3069


Buchanan Center for the Performing Arts Box Office .....766-6666

The University Directory is an online version of the printed University of Wyoming Directory printed once a year. The online directory is updated throughout the year by following the submission guidelines.

Undergraduate and Graduate

Got a Question?

(307) 766-5160

Information Technology

(307) 766-4357 (Help Desk)

Academic Support - Student Computing

Ask IT - Online Resources

Intercollegiate Athletics
(307) 766-2292


International Students and Scholars
(307) 766-5193

Office of Distance Education Support
(307) 766-4300

Residence Life and Dining Services
(307) 766-3175

(307) 766-5272

Scholarships and Financial Aid
(307) 766-2116

Wyoming Union
(307) 766-3160

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If you wish to make an update to your department or unit's information, you must follow these instructions.