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University Directory


Alphabetical Index


Campus Activities Center

(Center for Student Involvement & Leadership  - CSIL)

Dept. 3625 1000. E University Ave.

Wyoming Union, Room 012

Fax .....766-3762


Main Office .....766-6340

Amanda Kuster, Student Activities Coord .....766-6344

Jacqueline Rickett, Program Advisor RSO/FSL .....766-6341

Vacant, Office Asst, Sr. .....766-6338


Campus Mail - See Post Office, University

Campus Police .....766-5179

Campus Recreation and Wellness Center

Dept. 3604, 1000 E. University Ave.

Half Acre Recreation and Wellness Center

Fax .....766-6720

Business Office .....766-5586

Corbett Recreation Office .....766-6333

Fitness .....766-6843

Outdoor Program .....766-2402

Rec Sports Office .....766-4175

Wellness Center .....766-9355


Carbon Management Institute - See Center for Economic Geology Research


Career Services - See Advising & Career  Services

Car Rentals (Fleet) - See Transportation Services

Cashier - See  Financial

Catering & Events

(Housing and Dining)

UW Conference Center

Office .....766-2050

Derek Jones, Dir .....766-3064

Joseph Sanchez, Asst Dir .....766-2057

Andrew Frederick, Mgr, Catering & Events .....766-2050

Tolulope Oduyomi, Asst Catering Mgr .....766-2050

Vacant, Contracts Coordinator .....766-2050 

Nic Behnke, Audio/Visual Tech, Sr .....766-2057

Center for Biogenic Natural Gas Research

Dept. 3295, 1000 E. University Ave.

Engineering Bldg., Rm. 3081


Michael Urynowicz, Dir .....766-4398

Center for Blockchain & Digital Innovation

Dept. 3275, 1000 E. University Ave.

Laramie, WY, 82071


Steven Lupien, Dir .....766-4174

Philip J. Schlump, Asst Dir of Technology .....766-5176


Center for Economic Geology Research (School of Energy Resources)

Dept. 4902, 1000 E. University Ave.

1020 E. Lewis Street

Laramie, WY, 82071

Fax .....(307) 766-6078


Scott Quillinan, Dir, Center Economic Geology Research .....766-6697

Charles Nye, Res Scientist Asst .....766-6804

Davin Bagdonas, Res Scientist Assoc .....766-6863

Erin Phillips, Res Scientist Assoc .....766-6800

Heng Wang, Res. Scientist .....766-6854

Jonathan “Fred” McLaughlin, Res Sci Sr, Petrographer .....766-6855

Matthew B. Johnson, Res. Scientist Asst .....766-2859

Yuri Ganshin, Res Sci Sr, Geophysicist .....766-6898

Zunsheng “John” Jiao, Res Sci Sr, Chief Geologist .....766-6802

Center for Energy Economics and Public Policy - See Energy Economics and Public Policy, Center for

Center for Fundamentals of Subsurface Flow - See Fundamentals of Subsurface Flow, Center for

Center for Photoconversion and Catalysis - See Photoconversion and Catalysis, Center for


Center for Student Involvement & Leadership

Center for Student Involvement & Leadership (CSIL) Leadership Team

Erik Kahl, Dir Union and CSIL .....766-2752

Quinn Marquardt, Assoc Dir Union Ops .....766-4008

Vacant, Assoc Dir .....766-6871

Gabe Latimer, Coord, Public Relations .....766-3727

Sabrina Kauffman, Graphic Designer .....766-3727


1000 E. University Ave. Dept. 3625

Wyoming Union, Room 020


Main Office .....766-5204

Lucus Hansen, ASUW Advisor .....766-5204

Cameron Craft, Proj Coord .....766-5204

Shelly Shaef, Accountant .....766-3830

ASUW Student Legal Services

Knight Hall, Room 128

Al Walsh, Students' Attorney .....766-3296

Student Technical Services (STS)

1000 E. University Ave. Dept. 3625

Wyoming Union, Room 043


Curtis Higby, Coord .....766-3837

Fraternity/Sorority Life

1000 E. University Ave. Dept. 3625

Wyoming Union, Room 012

Vacant, FSL Coord .....766-6306

Multicultural Affairs

Dept. 3168, 1000 E. University Ave.

Wyoming Union, Room 104

Fax .....766-2157

Bri White, Latinx Program Coord .....766-6463

Vacant, African Diaspora Progr Advisor .....766-6191

Reinette Redbird Tendore, Native American Progr Dir .....766-8988

Tyler Wolfgang, Gender & Sexuality Progr Coord .....766-3875

Multicultural Resource Center
Wyoming Union, Rm. 103 .....766-6463

Rainbow Resource Center

Wyoming Union, Rm. 106 .....766-3478

Native American Education Research & Cultural Center

200 N. 10th St. ......766-6521

Veteran's Services Center

Wyoming Union, Room 300


Phone .....766-6908

Marty Martinez, Proj Coord .....766-6909

Student Media

Dept. 3625, 1000 E. University Ave.

Wyoming Union, Room 001

Fax .....766-4027

Main Office .....766-6190

Student Publication Board

Cary Berry-Smith, Supv .....766-3826

Robin Lyons, Sales and Circulation Coord .....766-6336

Maureen Morrison, Office Assoc, Sr .....766-6190

Branding Iron Newspaper .....766-6190

Branding Iron Online .....766-6190

Frontiers Magazine and REACH .....766-6190

Owen Wister Review .....766-6190

Newsroom .....766-6190

Student Organizations and Entertainment

Dept. 3625 1000. E University Ave.

Wyoming Union, Room 012

Fax .....766-3762


Main Office .....766-6340

Alejandra Prado, 7220 Entertainmant Coord .....766-6344

Gilbert Falcon, Student Org Coord .....766-6340

Service, Leadership, & Community Engagement Office

1000 E. University Ave. Dept. 3625


Main Office .....766-3117

Richard Raridon, Program Coord .....766-6812

Shelby Kennedy, Program Coord .....766-2473

Kyle Cameron, Proj Coord .....766-6812

Union Events

100 E. University Ave. Dept. 3625

Wyoming Union, Room, 210


Main Office .....766-3161

Vacant, Union Ops Coord .....766-3191

Bailey Vogler, Assistant Coord .....766-3778

Center for Teaching & Learning - See Ellbogen Teaching & Learning

Central Scheduling

(University Operations)

Dept. 3982, 1000 E. University Ave.

Classroom Bldg. Rm. 204

Email .....

Fax .....766-3557

Andrew Ohlschwager, Interim Mgr .....766-6717

Main Office .....766-2487

Student Interns .....766-2487/2869

Enzi-STEM Building

Information Desk .....766-7070


Check Disbursement Office

(Accounting Office, Administrative)

Dept 5330, 1000 E University Ave

Hill Hall, 5th Floor


Office Asst .....766-5777


Chemical Engineering

Dept. 3295, 1000 E. University Ave.

Engineering Bldg. Rm. 4055


Chemical Engineering Main Number .....766-2500

Patrick Johnson, Prof and Head .....766-6524

Vacant, Office Assoc, Sr .....766-2500


Chemical Stockroom, A&S Research Support

Physical Science Bldg Rm 20 .....766-4348



Dept. 3838, 1000 E. University Ave.

Physical Science Bldg. Rm. 204

Fax .....766-2807


Brian Leonard, Head .....766-4318

Jesse Grosinger, Business Mgr .....766-2440

Jordynn Joyner, Accounting Assoc Sr .....766-4399

Tricia Olson, Office Assoc .....766-6150

Kathy Webb, Office Assoc .....766-4363

Indrajit Bandyopadhyay, Lab Coord .....766-2998 


Chicano Studies - See Latina/o Studies

Child Care Center - See Early Care and Education Center

Child Development Center - See Early Care and Education Center

Chinese - See Modern & Classical Languages

Civil and Architectural Engineering and Construction Management

Dept. 3295, 1000 E. University Ave.

Engineering Bldg. Rm. 3074

Fax .....766-2221

Anthony Denzer, Head .....766-5256

Mindy Zwieg, Office Assoc, Sr .....766-2390

Laramie Design Squad

Dept. 4038, 1000 E. University Ave.

Engineering Bldg. Rm. 1010

Fax .....766-3228

Alan Moore, Dir .....766-3227

Water Resources Data System (WRDS)

Fax .....766-3785


Tony Bergantino, Syst Spec .....766-3786

Wyoming Technology Transfer Center

Dept. 3295, 1000 E. University Ave.

Engineering Bldg. Rm. 2094

Fax .....766-6784


Khaled Ksaibati, Dir .....766-6230

Morgan Bart Evans, Safety Analyst .....766-6743


CJ's Mercantile Express .....766-4015

Classics - See Modern and Classical Languages



(Human Resources)

Hill Hall, Room 314, 315

Ann Lyda, Mgr .....766-5056

Marilyn Johnson, Compensation Analyst .....766-5057 


Classroom Building - See Room Scheduling

Clean Coal Technologies Center

Dept. 3295, 1000 E. University Ave.

Engineering Bldg. Rm. 2024

Email .....

Ovid Augustus Plumb, Dir .....766-3226


Club Sports - See Campus Recreation


Coe Library - See Libraries

Communication Disorders, Division of (College of Health Sciences)

Dept. 3311, 1000 E. University Ave.

Health Sciences Center Rm 265

Clinic Fax .....766-6829

Division Fax .....766-5584


Mark Guiberson, Dir .....766-3985,

Brandi Hecker, Busn Mgr, Staff Supv .....766-6394,

Speech and Hearing Clinic .....766-6426,


Communication & Journalism

Dept. 3904, 1000 E. University Ave.

Ross Hall Rm. 223

Fax .....766-5293

General Information .....766-3122

Cindy Price Schultz, Chair .....766-5437

Jama Palmer, Office Assoc .....766-3122

Graduate Program

Ross Hall Rm. 437

Sandy Hsu, Dir


Ross Hall Rm. 431

Matt Liu, Dir …

Oral Communication Lab

Ross Hall Rm. 442

Beau Bingham, Dir


Computer Science - See Elecrical Engineering and Computer Science


Computing, School of - See School of Computing



Dept. 3414, 1000 E. University Ave.

Fieldhouse Rm. 147


Colin Vickers, Dir, Athletic Concessions Ops .....766-3503


Contracts & Grants - See Sponsored Programs, Office of


Controller's Office

Dept. 3314, 1000 E. University Ave.

Old Main Rm. 101D

Megan Hanneman, University Controller .....766-4390 


Cooperative Extension Service  - See University of Wyoming Extension

Copier Services

Merica Hall, Rm.111


Kelly Wooden, Sr Proj Mgr .....766-5546


Copy and Print Center

Dept. 3105, 1000 E. University Ave.

Washakie Center, Rm. 11


Jay Bress, Mgr .....766-3890


Corbett Pool - See Campus Recreation

Correspondence Study

 (Office of Distance Education Support)

1000 E. University Ave.

Wyo Hall Rm. 340

Fax .....766-4048


Toll Free .....(800)448-7801


Counseling Center (Mental Health and Wellness)

Dept. 3708, 1000 E. University Ave.

Knight Hall Rm. 341

Fax .....766-3412

Email .....

Office/TTY .....766-2187

Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. (Summer, 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.)

After Hours Crisis Counselor .....766-8989

Julio Brionez, Director, Licensed Psychologist .....766-2187

Tedder Easton, Mental Health Counselor .....766-2187

Jason Svare, Mental Health Counselor .....766-2187

Megan Belville, Assoc Dir, Mental Health Counselor .....766-2187 

Alex Krassin, Mental Health Counselor .....766-2187

Megan Rose, Mental Health Counselor .....766-2187

Autumn Holmes, Mental Health Counselor .....766-2187

Katherine Sloan, Mental Health Counselor .....766-2187

Chanda Ziegler, Office Assoc, Sr .....766-2187

Rebecca Hasselman, Office Asst, Sr .....766-2187

AWARE (Alcohol Wellness Alternatives, Research & Education)

Dept. 3708, 1000 E. University Ave

Knight Hall Rm 341

Fax .....766-3412

Office .....(V/TTY)766-2187

Email .....

Jason Svare, Coordinator AWARE .....766-2187 


Counselor Education - See School of Counseling, Leadership, Advocacy and Design


Counselor Education Training Clinic - See WellSpring Counseling Clinic

Courses, Online

WyoCourses Support - Call the IT Help Desk .....766-4357

Cowboy Joe Club

Dept. 3414, 1000 E. University Ave.

Fieldhouse North

Fax .....766-2346

Office .....766-6242


Randy Welniak, Sr Assoc AD/Dev&RevEnhancement .....766-6161

Derek Shook, Assoc Athletic Dir for Development .....766-6152

Vacant, Athletic Development Officer .....766-2994

Ryne Grossnickle, Athletic Development Officer .....766-6206

Samantha Elizabeth Freeman, Dir of Development .....766-3777

Kyle Smith, Dir of Development .....766-6168

Tammy Rompola, Acct .....766-6246

Aengle Smith, Athletic Development Officer .....766-6247

Tori Holmquist, Office Assoc, Sr .....766-3050


Cowboy Parents

Dept. 3066, 1000 E. University Ave.

Old Main Rm. 408

Fax .....766-2696


Coord .....766-5123

Parents' Hotline .....(V/TTY)(800)733-2789

Creative Services

Dept. 3441, Bureau of Mines, Rm. 107

Emily Edgar, Assoc Dir, Creative Services .....766-3280,

Ted Brummond, Mgr, Photographic Services .....766-6500

Mary J. Jung, Video Producer .....766-3574, 

Ali Grossman, Video Producer 

Kyriessa Lane, Videographer

Andrew Wee, Photographer & Video Producer

Casidy Mittelstadt, Graphic Design Specialist

Brittny Wroblewski, Marketing/Graphic Design Spec

Fernando Lechuga, Graphic Design Specialist

Creative Writing Program - See Visual and Literary Arts


Credit Union, Federal - See UNIWYO Federal Credit Union

Criminal Justice and Sociology

Dept. 3197, 1000 E. University Ave.

Arts & Sciences Bldg. Rm. 207-208

Email, Criminal Justice

Email, Sociology

Main Office .....766-2988

Eric Wodahl, Dept Head .....766-3803

Seth Holmquist, Business Mgr .....766-2964

Kathi Hanson-Boyce, Office Assoc, Sr .....766-2988

Aaron Sciulli, Office Assoc .....766-2985

Regan Walford, Office Assoc .....766-2966


Cultural Programs - See UW Presents


Custodial Services

(UW Operations)

Tod Scott, Deputy Dir .....766-6554

John Johnston, Zone 3 Asst Mgr .....766-2722

Vicki Olson, Zone 4 Asst Mgr .....766-5663

John Hill, Zone 5 Asst Mgr .....766-5661

Newt Bleak, Zone 6 Asst Mgr .....766-5662

Perry Knox, Zone 7 Asst Mgr .....766-2368

The University Directory is an online version of the printed University of Wyoming Directory printed once a year. The online directory is updated throughout the year by following the submission guidelines.

Undergraduate and Graduate

Got a Question?

(307) 766-5160

Information Technology

(307) 766-4357 (Help Desk)

Academic Support - Student Computing

Ask IT - Online Resources

Intercollegiate Athletics
(307) 766-2292


International Students and Scholars
(307) 766-5193

Office of Distance Education Support
(307) 766-4300

Residence Life and Dining Services
(307) 766-3175

(307) 766-5272

Scholarships and Financial Aid
(307) 766-2116

Wyoming Union
(307) 766-3160

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If you wish to make an update to your department or unit's information, you must follow these instructions.