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University Directory

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Early Care and Education Center

250 N. 30th St., Laramie, WY 82072

Fax .....766-4093

Front Desk .....766-4816


Natalie Enevoldsen, Dir .....766-4816

Ecology - See Program in Ecology

Ecology & Biogeochemistry Core Laboratory

1000 E. University Ave.

Berry Center, Room 208

Jessica Kern, Laboratory Mgr .....(307) 399-2093,

Lab, Berry Center, Room 115

Kyle Day, Laboratory Tech


Ecosystem Science and Management, Department of (ESM)

(Agriculture and Natural Resources)

Dept. 3354, 1000 E. University Ave.

Ag C Bldg. Rm. 2013


Tim Collier, Department Head .....766-2552

Kelli DeCora, Office Assoc .....766-2263

Tanya Wheeler, Accountant .....766-5002

Entomology .....766-2263

Rangeland Ecology & Watershed Mgmt .....766-2263

Soil Science .....766-2263

Water Resources and Hydrology Programs 

Ginger Paige, Dir .....766-2200

Wyoming Reclamation and Restoration Center

Tim Collier, Dir .....766-2552



Dept. 3985, 1000 E. University Ave.

Business Building, Rm. 260

Main Office .....766-3124

Sasha Skiba, Chair .....766-5430


John S. Bugas Distinguished Professor

Business Building, Rm. 272

Todd Cherry, Professor .....766-4229

Stroock Chair of Natural Resource Conservation/Management

Business Building, Rm. 237

Jason Shogren, Professor .....766-5430

H.A. "Dave" True, Jr. Professor of Petroleum and Natural Gas Economics

Business Building, Rm. 270

Chuck F. Mason, Professor .....766-5336

Wyoming Excellence Chair in Conservation Economics

Business Building, Rm 289

H. Jo Albers, Professor .....766-5331

Education Abroad Office

Dept. 3707, 1000 E. University Ave.

Cheney International Center Rm. 103

Fax .....766-3259


Shelley Jewell, Dir Education Abroad .....766-3678

Education Abroad Main Office .....766-3677

Sara J.V. Robinson, Asst Dir Education Abroad .....766-3733

Dianne Thompson, Study Abroad Coord/Student Exchange Advisor .....766-6681

Susan Alt, Study Abroad Coord/ Student Exchange Advisor .....766-2559


Education, College of

Dept. 3374, 1000 E. University Ave.

Education Bldg. Rm. 6

Scott Thomas, Dean .....766-3145

Jenna Shim, Assoc Dean .....766-3145

Kimberly Jo Montez, Business Mgr, Exec .....766-3660

Jana Schott, Coord College Affairs .....766-6861

Vacant, Office Assoc, Sr .....766-3145

Bret Sorensen, Tech Coord .....766-3572

Jason Harper, Marketing & Communications Spec .....766-2066

Teacher Preparation and Advising Office

Mgr, Academic Advising .....766-2230

University of Wyoming Lab School

David Rizor, Principal 721-2155

Wyoming School-University Partnership

Leslie Rush, Director .....766-3268

Nicholas Jesse, Proj Coord .....766-6895

UW/Casper College Education

Programs .....307-268-2848

Trustees Education Initiative

Dept. 3374, 1000 E. University Ave

Colby Gull, Managing Dir .....766-3196

Scott Thomas, Exec Dir .....766-3145

Anaya Yates, Accounting Assoc, Sr .....766-3030


Educational Administration: Adult and Post Secondary Education - See School of Counseling, Leadership, Advocacy and Design

Educational Administration, K-12 Leadership Degrees - See School of Counseling, Leadership, Advocacy and Design

Educational Opportunity Center - See Student Educational Opportunity

Educational Research - See School of Counseling, Leadership, Advocacy and Design

Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

1000 E. University Ave.

Engineering Bldg. Rm. 5068

Fax .....766-2248


Bryan Shader, Head .....766-6137

Arturo Ramirez, Office Assoc, Sr .....766-2279

Benjamin Heesen, Shop .....766-5118


Elementary & Early Childhood Education - See School of Teacher Education


Ellbogen (John P. "Jack") Center for Teaching & Learning

Dept. 3334, 1000 E. University Ave.

Coe Library Rm. 510 and 511


Janel Seeley, Dir .....766-2818

Ashli Tomisich, Asst Dir .....766-4847

Meg Van Baalen-Wood, Assoc Dir of Critical and Creative Thinking .....766-4847

Christi Boggs, Assoc Dir of Digital Teaching & Learning .....766-4847

Heather Webb Springer, Assoc Dir of Assessment .....766-4847

Oksana Wasilik, Educational Developer .....(307) 268-3090

Jeff Miller, Educational Developer .....766-3726

Dilnoza Khasilova, Assessment Spec/SoTL .....766-4847

Jake Hayden, Assessment Data Analyst .....766-4907

Janissa Martinez, Office Assoc, Sr .....766-4847

Course Websites (WyoCourses) Support .....766-3726


Employee Relations, Exit Interviews

(Human Resources)

Hill Hall, Room 340, 342

Fax .....766-9700

Renee Ballard, Employee Relation Spec, Sr .....766-2438

Kimberly Briones, Employee Relation Spec .....766-5484

Employment Recruitment Information/Job Postings/Advertisements

Hill Hall, Room 317, 318, 319, 320, 327

Deborah Marutzky, Mgr, Talent Acquisition .....766-5612

Tiffany Kautzsch, Employment & Staffing Prtnr, Sr .....766-2258

Katelyn Hargrove, Employment & Staffing Prtnr …..766-5654

Kate Colman, Employment & Staffing Prtnr …..766-5606

Catherine Conard, Employment & Staffing Prtnr .....766-6411

Kelly Bradley, Employment & Staffing Prtnr .....766-2216

Vic Pumilio, HR Specialist .....766-2377

Main Desk, Form I-9 .....766-2377


Energy and Petroleum Engineering

Dept. 3295, 1000 E. University Ave.

Engineering Bldg. Rm. 4015

Email .....

Vamegh Rasouli, Dept Head 

Michele Ury Foist, Office Assoc Sr


Energy Economics and Public Policy, Center for

Dept. 3985, 1000 E. University Ave.

College of Business Rm. 276W


Robert Godby, Dir .....766-3843


Engagement and Outreach, Office of - See Office of Engagement and Outreach


Engineering and Physical Sciences, College of

Dept. 3295, 1000 E. University Ave.

Engineering Bldg. Rm. 2085


Main Office .....766-4253

Cameron Wright, Dean .....766-4992

David Mukai, Assoc Dean, Academic Programs .....766-4992

David Bagley, Assoc Dean, College Advancement .....766-4992

Danny Dale, Assoc Dean, Physical Sciences Programs .....766-4992

Vacant, Coord, College Affairs .....766-4992

Stephen Salmans, Facilities Mgr .....766-6170

Caitlyn Spradley, Marketing & Communications Spec .....766-4253

Business Office

Megan Barber, Dir, Busn Ops .....766-4257

Cindy Wood, Asst Dir, Busn Ops .....766-4226

Vacant, Busn Mgr .....766-4324

Jo Paintin, Busn Mgr .....766-4280

Claire Zheng, Busn Mgr .....766-5187

Jesse Grosinger, Busn Mgr .....766-2440

Cody Trask, Busn Mgr .....766-3392

Natellie Jenkins, Acct Assoc, Sr .....766-5185

Shonna Ahrenholtz, Acct Assoc, Sr .....766-4248

Shannon Stevens, Acct Assoc, Sr .....766-2128

Adalgiza Bonifacio, Acct Assoc, Sr .....766-3386

Jordynn Joyner, Acct Assoc, Sr .....766-4399

The Susan McCormack Center for Student Success

Vacant, Office Assoc, Sr .....766-4253

Jody Speight, Coord, Recruiting .....766-4122

Cindy Jones, Outreach Prog Mgr (K-12) .....766-6433

Tyler Grabner, Assoc Dir, Career Services .....766-4277

Annie Cowger, Career Coach .....766-4262

Ann "Nancy" Peck, Sr Lecturer .....766-4215

Rob Erikson, Sr Lecturer .....399-0101

Academic Advising Office

Laurie Bonini, Student Advising Manager .....766-4254

Kris Brewer, Academic Advising Professional, Sr .....766-4971

Sydney Buckley, Academic Advising Professional .....7664290

Conrad Chavez, Academic Advising Professional, Sr .....766-4966

Rosie McMaster, Academic Advising Professional .....766-4943

Jennifer Martin, Academic Advising Professional, Sr .....766-4996

Jessica Robinson, Academic Advising Professional .....766-4284

Bremen Whitlock, Academic Advising Professional .....766-4958


Mark Wittstock, Comp Info Spec, Exec .....766-4964

ESIG Lab/Reservations .....766-5107

Engineering Shop

Spencer Miller, Mgr, Tech Engineering .....766-4243

Gary Puls, Technician, Master .....766-4243

Brad Orr, Engineer .....766-4243

Jason Haney, Technician, Master .....766-4243

Student Innovation Center 

Emily Leinen, Makerspace Mgr…..766-6460

Rebecca Austin, Makerspace Coord .....766-6460

Vacant, Makerspace Coord .....766-6460



Dept. 3353, 1000 E. University Ave.

Hoyt Hall, Rm. 126

Fax .....766-3189

Office .....766-6452


Kelly Kinney, Dept Head .....766-6497

Julia Obert, Asst Chair (Advising) .....766-6490

Kevin Chancellor, Business Manager .....766-2867

Gwynn Lemler, Office Assoc, Sr .....766-6453

Laszlo Somlyay, Office Assoc .....766-6452

Master of Arts MA Program

Michael Edson, MA Program Dir .....766-6452

Master of Fine Arts Program

Molly McCully Brown, Creative Writing Prog Dir 

Creative Writing Program Email 

English as a Second Language (ESL) K-12 Endorsement - See School of Teacher Education


English Language Center

(Global Engagement Office)

Dept. 3707 1000 E. University Ave.

Cheney International Center Room 26

Office .....766-3631


Joshua Moro, Asst Dir .....766-3631,

Petra Heinz, Graduate ESL Coord .....766-3606,


Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute (EORI)


2435 King Blvd., 3rd Floor, Casper, WY 82604

Fax .....(307) 315-6440

Office .....(307) 315-6441


Lon Whitman, Dir .....(307) 315-6450

Stephen Whitaker, Petroleum Geologist, Sr .....(307) 315-6446

Roger Hillibush, Project Mgr .....(307) 315-6452

Jeffery Brown, Economics Consultant .....(425) 503-0714

Gabe Tullis, Busn Mgr .....(307) 315-6449

Eric Robertson, Reservoir Eng, Sr .....(307) 315-6444

Shuiquan Li, Petroleum Eng, Sr .....(307) 315-6459

Kellie Vlastos, Operations & Technology .....(307) 315-6459

Vandy Jones, Geologist .....(307) 315-6458

Shane Singleton, Data Architect, Sr .....(307) 315-6455



Dept. 3354, 1000 E. University Ave.

Ag Bldg. Rm. 2013

Main Office .....766-2263


Environment & Natural Resources, Institute & School - See Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources


Environmental Health & Safety - See Risk Management & Safety Office


Enzi-STEM Building

Information Desk (See Also Central Scheduling) .....766-7070


EPSCoR Office

Dept. 3905, 1000 E. University Ave.

Physical Science, Rm. 208

Shawna McBride, WY State Dir .....766-2987

Victoria Gostas, Prog Coord .....766-2096

NSF-EPSCoR - Track 1

Brent Ewers, Proj Dir .....766-2625

Sarah Konrad, Assoc Proj Dir .....766-2295


Shawna McBride, Proj Dir .....766-2987


Jonathan Naughton, Proj Dir .....766-6284


Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action

(Human Resources)

Hill Hall 303

Mgr Inclusivity Initiatives .....766-1603


Equal Opportunity Report and Response

Dept. 4307, 1000 E. University Ave.

Bureau of Mines, Rm. 318



Main Office .....766-5200

Jim Osborn, Title IX Coord/Manager of Investigations .....766-5228

Heidi Reeves-Messner, Civil Rights Investigator .....766-5240

Kaila Hine, Civil Rights Investigator .....766-6236


Experiment Station -­ See Agriculture Experiment Station

Expresses/Campus Shuttles see Transit & Parking

Extension Offices - See University of Wyoming Extension

The University Directory is an online version of the printed University of Wyoming Directory printed once a year. The online directory is updated throughout the year by following the submission guidelines.

Undergraduate and Graduate

Got a Question?

(307) 766-5160

Information Technology

(307) 766-4357 (Help Desk)

Academic Support - Student Computing

Ask IT - Online Resources

Intercollegiate Athletics
(307) 766-2292


International Students and Scholars
(307) 766-5193

Office of Distance Education Support
(307) 766-4300

Residence Life and Dining Services
(307) 766-3175

(307) 766-5272

Scholarships and Financial Aid
(307) 766-2116

Wyoming Union
(307) 766-3160

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If you wish to make an update to your department or unit's information, you must follow these instructions.