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University Directory

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Washers/Dryers - See Vending Services

WWAMI Medical Education Program

(Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana & Idaho)

Dept. 4238, 1000 E. University Ave.

Health Sciences Center Rm. 457

Fax .....766-2492


Main Office .....766-2496

Vacant, Dir .....766-2497

John Willford, Asst Dir .....766-4249

Courtney Garrison, Office Assoc .....766-2496

Natalia Brown, Prog & Busn Svcs Mgr .....766-4908

April French, Acad Support Spec .....766-4912

Julie Carlson, Clinical Asst Prof .....766-3022

Daniel Radosevich, Clinical Asst Prof .....766-3008

Dana Govaerts, Clinical Asst Prof .....766-3022

Cam Walker, Clinical Assst Prof .....766-6751


Water Analysis - See Wyoming Department of Agriculture Analytical Services

Water Resources Data System (WRDS)

Dept. 3943, 1000 E. University Ave., Engineering Bldg 6075, 6076, 6079


Tony Bergantino, Director .....766-3786

Barbara Muller, Digital Archivist .....766-6651

Bryce Marston, Research Assoc II .....766-2741

Eva Cordtz, Research Assoc II .....766-6677


Web, UW - See Institutional Marketing


WellSpring Counseling Clinic

(Formerly Counselor Education Training Clinic)

Education Building, Rm. 34-44

Office .....766-6820


Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE)

Wyoming certifying and contract office for the WICHE, WWAMI and WYDENT programs

Health Sciences Center Rm.110-112

Craig Vaske, Student Advising Coord .....766-3499

Western Research Institute

365 N 9th St, Laramie, WY 82072 and 3474 N. 3rd St., Laramie, WY 82072

Office .....721-2011

Jean-Pascal Planche, CEO/Sr VP of APT .....721-2325

Chaley Dimoff, Communications & Purchasing .....721-2208

Jeramie J. Adams, VP of APT .....721-2324

Justin L. Martin, Program Directory of SET .....721-2278

Hillary Utton, Accounting Controller  .....721-2327

Michelle Holmes, Human Res Mgr .....721-2222

Alex M. Literati, Safety & Health .....721-2304

Justin Martin, Safety & Health Supv.....721-2278



Wildlife & Fisheries Biology & Management - See Zoology and Physiology

Williams (Louis & Terua P.) Botany Conservatory - See Botany

WIND - See Wyoming Institute for Disabilities


Wind Energy Research Center

Dept. 3295, 100 E. University Ave.

Engineering Bldg. Rm. 1074


Jonathan Naughton, Dir .....766-6284


Women's Center - See Dean of Students

Worker's Compensation

(Human Resources)

Hill Hall, Room 341

Fax .....766-5636

David Heath, Benefits & Leave Spec, Sr .....766-5693


Work-Study - See Student Financial Aid

Writing Center

(Ellbogen Center for Teaching and Learning)

Dept. 3334, 1000 E. University Ave.

Coe, Level 1


Office .....766-5250



Analytics & Reporting - Merica Hall 2nd Floor East

Content Management & Training - Merica Hall 2nd Floor East

Systems & Support - Merica Hall 2nd Floor West


Help Desk .....766-4357, option 2


Wyoming Career Information System - See Advising and Career Services Center


Wyoming Center for Educational Leadership (WyCel)

Education Bldg, Rm. 310

Joel Dvorak, Dir .....766-6825



Wyoming Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Wyoming Technology Business Center, 1938 E Harney St, Room 151


Main Office .....766-9461


Wyoming Center on Aging (WyCOA)

Dept 3415, 1000 E. University Ave.

Ross Hall, Rm. 411

Laramie, WY 82071

Main Office .....(307) 766-2829


Christine McKibbin, Dir .....766-2829

Catherine Carrico, Associate Dir .....766-6687/766-2829

Jenny Wolf, Staff Asst .....766-2829

Larry Goodwin, Proj Coord, Sr .....766-2765

Sabine Schenck, Proj Coord, Sr .....(307) 766-2802 /(408) 242-4541

Stacy Carling, Data Mgr .....766-2829

Kevin Franke, Proj Coord .....766-2829

Dian True, Proj Coord, Sr .....(307) 272-5817

Kara Beech, Proj Coord, Sr .....(307) 272-3361

Andrea Shipley, Proj Coord .....766-2829


Healthier Wyoming at WyCOA


Main Office .....766-2829


Wyoming Conservation Corps - See Residence Life and Dining Services


Wyoming Chemical Abuse Research & Education Program (WyoCARE)

(Health Sciences, College of)

1482 Commerce Dr., Unit X, Laramie, WY 82070

Dept. 3632, 1000 E. University Ave.

Johnna Nunez, Asst Lecturer/Proj Coord .....766-5131


Wyoming College Access Challenge Grant (WyCACG)

Dept. 3808, 1000 E. University Avenue

Knight Hall Rm. 330

Wyoming College Advising Corps College Advisors

Teresa Nealon, Project Dir .....766-0770

Wyoming Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit

(Zoology & Physiology)

Biological Sciences Bldg. Rm. 419

Matthew Kauffman, Unit Ldr .....766-6404

Anna Chalfoun, Asst Unit Ldr - Wildlife .....766-6966

Annika Walters, Asst Unit Ldr - Fisheries .....766-5473

Vanessa Simoneau, Grants Mgr .....766-5495

Plum Schultz, Office Assoc .....766-5415



WyoCourses Support -- Call the IT Help Desk .....766-4357


Wyoming Department of Agriculture Analytical Services

1174 Snowy Range Rd, Laramie, WY 82070

Office .....742-2984

Fax .....742-2156


State Vet/State Chemistry Lab Facility, Rm. 204

Teresa Jarvis, Lab Mgr .....742-2984

Jack Troester, Chemist Supv .....742-2984

Microbiology Sprv .....742-2984


Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT)

Dept. 4038, 1212 Lewis St

Laramie Design Squad .....766-3227


Wyoming Geographic Information Science Center (WyGISC)

Dept. 4008, 1000 E. University Ave.

Ag C Bldg. Rm. 337


Information .....766-2532

Jeffrey D. Hamerlinck, Dir .....766-2736

Beth McMillan, Program Dir, GIST .....766-2532

Beth Leonard, Busn Mgr .....766-2740

Tom Musselman, Office Assoc .....766-2532



Wyoming Humanities Council

1315 Lewis, Laramie, WY 82072

Office .....721-9243


Shannon Smith, Exec Dir .....721-9244

Josh Watanabe, Asst Dir .....721-9247

Kathy Burman, Fiscal Officer .....721-9245

Sheila Bricher-Wade, Prg Coord .....721-9246

Erin Pyror Ackerman, Dir of Grants & Community Prog .....721-9248

Emy diGrappa, Producer .....721-9243


Wyoming Infrared Observatory

Dept. 3905, Jelm Mountain

Fax .....766-2652

Chip Kobulnicky, Dir .....766-6150


Wyoming Institute for Disabilities (WIND)

Dept. 4298, 1000 E. University Ave.

Health Sciences Center Rm. 147

Fax .....766-2763


Phone .....766-2761

Toll Free .....(888)898-9463 (WIND)

TTY .....766-2720

Toll Free TTY .....(800)908-7011

Michelle Hilaire, Interim Exec Dir .....766-6052

Kayleigh Edgar, Office Assoc, Sr .....766-2995

Tatiana Warden, Office Assoc .....766-2761


Accessible Educational Materials

Shelby Kappler, Assistive Tech Program Spec .....766-5770

Community Education

Canyon Hardesty, Dir .....766-5003

Disability Studies

Michelle Jarman, Prof .....766-5060


ECHO in Education

Cari Glantz, Proj Coord, Sr .....766-2977

ECHO in Health

Tai Baker, Program Manager .....766-2944

Emily Kirsch, Proj Coord, Sr .....766-2766

Brittany Brigham, Proj Coord .....766-6407

Equality State Research Network

Eric Moody, Dir .....(307) 399-3168

Tai Baker, Program Manager .....766-2944

Friendships and Dating Program

Amy Rieser, Proj Coord, Sr .....766-2718

iCan Connect - WY Deaf Blind Equipment Distribution Program

Ryan Rausch, Assistive Tech Spec, Sr .....766-6187

Information and Communication

Lanae Ohl, Proj Coord …..766-2506

Inventory for Client and Agency Planning (ICAP)

Dawn Rudolph, Proj Mgr Sr .....766-2853

Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (LEND)

Canyon Hardesty, Assoc Lecturer .....766-5003

Research and Evaluation

Eric Moody, Dir .....(307) 399-3168


Wyoming Assistive Technology Resources (WATR)

Terri Wofford, Assoc Lecturer .....766-2932

Ryan Rausch, Assistive Tech Spec, Sr .....766-6187

Gisele Knopf, Assistive Tech Assoc .....766-2051

Shelby Kappler, Assistive Tech Program Spec .....766-5770

Wyoming Family to Family Health Information Center

Eric Moody, Co-Coord .....(307) 399-3168

Canyon Hardesty, Co-Coord .....766-5003

Wyoming Telehealth Network

Canyon Hardesty, Assoc Lecturer .....766-5003

Tai Baker, Program Manager .....766-2944

Brittany Brigham, Proj Coord .....766-6407


Wyoming Institute for Humanities Research

Dept. 4036, 1000 E. University Ave.

Cooper House


Scott Henkel, Dir

Robby Bishop, Project Coord .....766-3896


Wyoming Market Research Center - See Wyoming Small Business Development Centers

Wyoming NASA Space Grant Consortium

Dept. 3905, 1000 E. University Ave.

Physical Sciences Bldg. Rm. 210

Fax .....766-2652

Shawna McBride, Dir .....766-2987

Megan Candelaria, Assoc Dir .....307-314-2127

Michele Turner, Grants Mgr .....766-2862


Wyoming Natural Diversity Database (WYNDD)

Dept 3381, 1000 E. University Avenue

Berry Center, Rm. 315

Gary Beauvais, Dir .....766-3027

Mark Andersen, Assoc Dir .....766-3036

Debbie Scarpelli, Business Mgr .....766-3023

Melanie Arnett, Database Coord .....766-2296

Bonnie Heidel, Botany Prog Mgr .....766-3020

Ellen Whittle, Bat Mgr .....766-3042

Ian Abernathy, Vertebrate Zoology Prog Mgr .....766-3035

Lusha Tronstad, Invertebrate Zoology Prog Mgr .....766-3115

Paige Copenhaver-Parry, Ecology Prog Mgr .....766-3009

Srivenkatesh Vasiraju, Full Stack Dev....766-3013

Danielle Berardi, Ecology Post Doc Research Assoc .....766-3021

Michelle Weschler, Biologist .....766-6652

Katrina Cook, Biologist .....766-3018


Wyoming Public Media

Dept. 3984, 1000 E. University Ave.

Knight Hall Basement Rm. 85

Toll Free .....800-729-5897

Christina Kuzmych, General Mgr .....766-4240

Diana Denison, Admin Assoc/Grants .....766-4240


Ry Woody, Donor Relations/Development .....766-2181

Tina McGee, Coord Development .....766-6874

Rexanna Kelly, Corporate Relations/Underwriting .....766-6625


Grady Kirkpatrick, Programming Mgr .....766-6624


Kamila Kudelska, Dir, Statewide News & Public/Cultural Affairs .....766-6626


Alec Schaffer, Broadcast Engineer .....766-2439

Ben Slater, Broadcast Engineer .....766-2331


Wyoming Reclamation and Restoration Center

Dept. 3354, 1000 E. University Ave.

Agriculture Bldg. Rm. C23

Email .....

Peter Stahl, Dir .....766-2179

Kristin D. Herman, Office Asst .....766-3576


Wyoming Technology Transfer and Research Products Center (RPC)

Dept. 3672

1000 E. University Ave.

Laramie, WY 82071

Fax ..... (307) 766-2530


Main Office .....766-2520

Davona Douglass, Dir .....766-2509

Tiffany Bishop, Proj Mgr .....766-2520


Wyoming SBIR/STTR Initiative (WSSI)

(A part of the Wyoming SBDC Network)

Dept. 3992, 1000 E. University Ave.

Office Annex, Room 25

Kelly Haigler Cornish, Prog Mgr ..... 766-2904


Wyoming School-University Partnership

(Education, College of)

Dept. 3374, 1000 E. University Ave.

McWhinnie Hall, Rm. 213

Fax .....766-3792

Leslie Rush, Director .....766-3268

Nicholas Jesse, Project Coord .....766-6895


Wyoming Seed Certification Service - See Seed Certification

Wyoming Small Business Development Center (WSBDC)

State Office

Dept. 3922, 1000 E. University Ave.

Office Annex Bldg. Rms. 17, 21, 22, 23, 25

Jill Kline, State Dir .....766-3405

Paul Johnson, Steve Shalosky, Assoc State Dir .....766-3593

Maureen Johnson, Marketing & Communications Spec .....307-343-0925

Andi Kelly, Accountant .....307-581-2029

Paul Johnson, Cybersecurity Prog Mgr .....307-314-5208

Southwest Wyoming

1897 Dewar Dr., Rock Springs, WY 82901

Rob Condie, Dir .....307-352-6894

Northwest Wyoming

227 N. Bent St., Suite I, Powell, WY 82435

Devan Costa-Cargill, Dir .....307-254-7755

Central Wyoming

2435 King Blvd., Suite B42, Casper, WY 82604

Steen Stovall, Dir .....(307) 234-6683

South Central Wyoming

Office Annex Bldg. Rm. 17, Laramie, WY

Jim Drever, Dir .....766-3505

Southeast Wyoming

1400 E. College Dr, Cheyenne, WY 82007

Kenny Overby, Dir, Goshen and Laramie Counties …..307-772-7371

Office Annex Bldg., 406 S. 21st, Room 17, Laramie, WY  82071

James Drever, Dir, Albany and Carbon Counties .....766-3505

Northeast Wyoming

345 Sinclair Ave., Gillette, WY 82718

P.J. Burns, Dir .....(307) 682-5232

West Central Wyoming

2255 Brunton Court, Suite A, Riverton, WY 82501

Audie Cunningham, Dir, Fremont and Teton Counties .....(307) 349-9701

APEX Accelerator (Government Contracting)
(A part of the Wyoming SBDC Network)

Dept. 3922, 1000 E. University Ave. 

Office Annex Bldg., Rm. 22

Janean Forsyth, Prog Mgr .....307-343-0765

Sarah Mikesell Growney, Procurement Advisor .....307-757-6869


Market Research Center (MRC)
(A part of the Wyoming SBDC Network)

Office Annex Bldg., Rm. 22

Michael Lambert, Mgr .....766-2688

Kayley Harrison, Market Researcher .....766-5405


Wyoming State Archeologist Office - See State Archeologist

Wyoming State Climatologist - See State Climate Office

Wyoming State Geological Survey - See State Geological Survey

Wyoming State Seed Analysis Lab - See State Seed Analysis

Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory - See State Veterinary Lab

Wyoming Statistical Analysis Center (WYSAC) - See Wyoming Survey and Analysis Center (WYSAC)

Wyoming Survey & Analysis Center (WYSAC)

Wyoming Survey and Analysis Center

Dept. 3925, 1000 E. University Avenue

Office Annex, Rm. 203, 207

Fax .....766-2759


Call Center .....766-6183


Brian Harnisch, Dir/Sr Research Scientist .....766-6103

Thao McVay, Business Mgr .....766-2189


Criminal Justice Research Unit

Laurel Wimbish, Sr Res Sci (Mgr) .....(860) 510-9034

Andria Blackwood, Assoc Res Sci .....(734) 678-5428

Lena Dechert, Asst Res Sci .....(307) 709-6597

Laura Feldman, Sr Res Sci .....(307) 399-1914

Survey Research Unit

Nicholas Cramer, Mgr, Call Center Ops .....766-6183

Michael Dorssom, Assoc Res Sci .....766-3132

Brian Harnisch, Sr Res Sci .....766-6103

Brittany Cangialosi, Asst Res Sci .....(256) 525-1689

Amber Martinez, Asst Proj Coord .....(307) 703-5399

Angelique Phillips, Asst Proj Coord .....766-6183

Research and Evaluation Unit

Sandra Biller, Asst Res Sci .....766-6182

Eric Canen, Sr Res Sci .....(307) 760-0307

Mandy Cisler, Asst Res Sci .....(661) 221-3867

Humphrey Costello, Sr Res Sci .....(307) 399-8484

Laran Despain, Sr Res Sci .....766-2342

Emily Grant, Sr Res Sci .....(307) 760-7036

Shinze Kato, Assoc Res Sci .....766-2359


Matthew Wagner, Asst Res Sci .....(619) 871-4084

Rodney Wambeam, Sr Res Sci .....(307) 760-8928

Ahad Zwooqar, Asst Res Sci .....(857) 544-7733

Information Technology Unit

Robert Leduc, Assoc Res Sci (Mgr) .....(307) 760-9376

Don Mayes, Computer Systems Spec .....766-2905


Wyoming Technology Business Center (WTBC) - See IMPACT 307


Wyoming Technology Transfer and Research Products Center (RPC)

Dept. 3672

1000 E. University Ave.

Laramie, WY 82071

Fax ..... (307) 766-2530


Main Office .....766-2520

Henry Nowak, Dir .....766-2509

H. Victoria Bryant, Asst Dir .....766-5594

Tiffany Bishop, Proj Coord .....766-2520


Wyoming Technology Transfer Center


Dept. 3295, 1000 E. University Ave.

Engineering Bldg. Rm. 4092

Khaled Ksaibati, Dir .....766-6230

Laura McGinley, Admin Assoc .....766-6743

Morgan Bart Evans, Safety Analyst .....766-6743

Austin Woody, Transportation Spec .....766-6743


Wyoming Union

Dept. 3105, 1000 E. University Ave.

Fax .....766-3762

Information Desk .....766-3160

Tickets .....766-3327

Jana Schott, Business Mgr .....766-2288

Dennis Teague, Custodial Supervisor .....766-3767

Center for Student Involvement & Leadership ( CSIL) Leadership Staff

Jeremy Davis, Dir .....766-4008

Erin Olsen, Assoc Dir .....766-6871

Erik Kahl, Assoc Dir .....766-3117 

ASTEC-Production Services .....766-3837

ASUW .....766-5204

Fraternity and Sorority Life .....766-6790

Multicultural Resource Center …..766-6463

Nontraditional/Women’s Center …..766-6258

Rainbow Resource Center …..766-3478

Pete's Game Room .....766-3833

Campus Activities Center .....766-6340

Copy and Print Center .....766-3890

Facilities Mgr .....766-3761

University Store .....766-3264

Food Court  (Retail Dining Services)

Los Vaqueros, Panda Express, Pita Pit, FujiSan .....766-6269

CJ’s .....766-4015

Rolling Mill .....766-4251

The Gardens .....766-3626

Campus Activities Center (Programs/Activities) .....766-6340

Union Events Office (Reservations/Events Planning) .....766-3161

Service, Leadership and Community Engagement (Alternative Breaks and Volunteer Services) .....766-3117


Wyoming Women's Business Center

PO Box 764, Laramie, WY 82073

710 East Garfield suite 323

Laramie, WY 82070

General Information .....(307) 460-3948


Debbie Gorski, Exec Dir .....(307) 460-3944

Waldo Smith, Dir of Microlending .....(307) 460-3946

Jonathan Howdeshell, Admin Asst .....(307) 460-3949


WyoOne- I.D.

Dept. 3945, 1000 E. University Ave.

Information Technology Building, Room 167

Main Office .....766-5268


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