Index of Articles - 2017

Barnyards & Backyards

Fall 2017

Title Author(s) Page #
Enjoy the fruits of your labors - and plan ahead Jennifer Thompson 2
Apple trees can grow in Wyoming Chris Hilgert 4-6
Two most-common yellowjacket wasps in Wyoming differ in 'pestiness' Scott Schell 7-9
Weather, eager bugs confront strawberry growers trying to get fruit to maturity Jeff Edwards 10-12
What to do with the trash? Laura McGinley 13-14
Winter to-do checklist   15
Saline soils present special problems Caitlin Youngquist and Caleb Carter 16-18
There seems to be a love-hate relationship with the beet. We love them. Brian Sebade and Vicki Hayman 19-21
Tips for designing pens and corrals Scott Cotton 22-24
Edible and poisonous berries of shrubs in Wyoming Brian Sebade 25-27

Summer 2017

Title Author(s) Page #
Dodging the slings and arrows of outrageous weather Jennifer Thompson 2
Floodwaters unleash powerful forces upon your land Mae Smith 4-5
Evanston Farmers Market grows into dynamic community event drawing from Wyoming and Utah, opening markets for local goods Kimberly Chapman 6-8
Assessing and managing forage after Mother Nature throws a summer snit Caleb Carter 9-11
Rangeland condition directly affects horse health Scott Cotton 12-13
Seasonal to-do checklist   14-15
Slow Goat Farm gallops into marketplace Justina Russell 16-18
What's wrong with my tomatoes? William Stump 19-21
Powerful app assists invasive species ID, triggers quick management Dan Tekiela 22-24
Plants with perk Lisa Ogden 25-27

Spring 2017

Title Author(s) Page #
Spring has sprung! (more or less, in Wyoming fashion) Jennifer Thompson 2
Apply a little agricultural economics to your garden for best results Abby Perry 4-6
Garden cover crops bolster soil nutrients, organic matter Caitlin Youngquist 7-9
Family operation cultivates best vegetable growing techniques for short growing seasons Jennifer Thompson 10-13
Seasonal to-do checklist   14-15
Measuring flow in an irrigation ditch Caleb Carter 16-18
Easter eggs Jacelyn Downey 19
Properly assess risk of pesticide in yards and gardens Caleb Carter 20-22
Proper pesticide use helps protect Wyoming groundwater Jeremiah Vardiman 23-25
I hunt, but MY target can be rooted in plain sight Amy Collett 26-27

Winter 2017

Title Author(s) Page #
Fascinating proghorn a remarkable Wyoming symbol Jennifer Thompson 2
Take a look at one of the world's fastest animals and Wyoming icon Abby Perry 4-6
Couple turns eastern Wyoming property into pollinator playground Jennifer Thompson 7-9
Challenging cheatgrass Beth Fowers and Brian Mealor 10-12
Invasive bulbous bluegrass choking desirable grasses Jay Quintanilla 13
Seasonal to-do checklist   14-15
Land blossoms under direction of northeastern Wyoming family Jennifer Thompson 16-18
Buying horse-quality hay Alex Malcolm and Jennifer Ingwerson-Niemann 19-21
Deferred deeds an option for purchasing property Scott Cotton 22-23
Recovering after the fire - erosion control Jennifer Hinkhouse 24-25
Spinach provides a powerful punch against health villains Vicki Hayman 26-27

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