Index of Articles - 2009

Barnyards & Backyards

Fall 2009

Title Author(s) Page #
Here's what's new in Barnyards & Backyards Tony Hoch 4
Extreme property makeover Jessica Leetch 5-6
Winterize your trees and shrubs Mark Hughes 7-8
Rev up nutrition, slash food costs by preserving local food Patti Griffith 9-11
Featured landowners: Couple produce pampered pumpkins, succulent squash, grand gourds Sharon Williams 12-14
Gauging farm life: Latest census shows growing diversity Cole Ehmke 15-16
Want to spend less on utilities? Look to utility companies for ideas to avoid billing shock Julliette Rule 17-18
Featured partner: Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality's Nonpoint Source Program Jennifer Zygmunt 19-20
Good bug, bad bug Jeff Edwards 21
Use snow fences to control drifting snow Rex Lockman 22-23
Winter livestock watering done right Martin Curry 24-25
Ask Sam: Planting & Fertilizing Trees in Fall   26
Join our listserv for short messages about issues affecting small-acreage owners! Jennifer Thompson 27

Summer 2009

Title Author(s) Page #
If summer falls on a Saturday Tony Hoch 4
To mow or not to mow Rex Lockman, Dallas Mount 5-6
Some Wyoming invasive weed areas are biological warfare battlegrounds Travis Ziehl 7-9
Featured landowner: Lander area small-acreage owner takes his home to work Jeri Trebelcock 10-13
Cleanup, precautions dramatically lower flying insect pests on your property Barbara Kizer 14-16
Some farm and ranch legal risks: Livestock and entrant tort liability Alan Shroeder 17-19
Cooperative extension's mission: More than 100 years and counting Glen Whipple 20-21
Recognizing overgrazing - How do I know when my animals have grazed too much? Dallas Mount 22-23
Ask Sam: Cattle in brucellosis Designated Surveillance Area   24-25
New electronic resources added to Barnyards & Backyards web page Jennifer Jones, Steve Miller 26

Spring 2009

Title Author(s) Page #
Playing the cards in your hand Tony Hoch 4
You can use the Web to explore your soils Astrid Martinez 5-7
Simple steps to bolster game bird habitat Scott Hininger 8-9
Featured landowner: Weed warriors purge their spurge Rachel Mealor 10-13
The right stuff: Water quality plays big part in livestock performance Steve Paisley 14-15
Backyard chickens a small-acreage production opportunity Lindsay Taylor 16-18
Seeing strange lights in the night Eric Peterson 19-20
Test your nonpoint source water pollution IQ Tony Hoch 21
How to graft fruit trees Scott Hininger 22-24
Ask Sam: Soil tests   26

Winter 2009

Title Author(s) Page #
Winter is a time for planning Tony Hoch 4
Renewable energy options harness the wind, lasso solar energy, and use the Earth itself Scott Kane 5-7
Planning to build? Thinking ahead can save you time, money and precious topsoil Natalie Macsalka 8-9
Featured landowner: Takin care of the trout Nelli Williams 10-12
Weed and pest districts exist to assist landowners Slade Franklin 13-15
Correct pruning can revitalize landscapes Diana Cochran & Karen Panter 16-19
How to buy a tractor Sandra Frost 20-21
What evergreen is that? Mark Hughes 22-23
Workshops offer great resource information for small- acreage owners Jennifer Jones 24
Ask Sam: Paperwork for travel with horses   25
Lander resident is Wyomings Outstanding Small Acreage Cooperator   26

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