Index of Articles - 2018

Barnyards & Backyards

Fall 2018

Title Author(s) Page #
Calling all growers of fruit, vegetables, or herbs in Wyoming Jennifer Thompson 2
Precautions can help stop predator damage on your property Rex Lockman 4-5
Late summer/early fall flowering plants help pollinators Jennifer Thompson 6-7
Factors to consider before investing in drones Ramesh Sivanpillai 8-10
Cottage food laws allow food-for-profit entrepreneurs Cole Ehmke 11-13
Got goats? Katie Shockley 14-15
Raptors help control rodents, snakes in landscapes Scott Cotton 16-17
Altitude adjusters make for happy cooks (and happy eaters!) Vicki Hayman and Denise Smith 18-20
You are responsible for the quality of your domestic well water Caleb Carter 21-22
Grassland wildfire a greater threat than many realize Scott Cotton 23-24
Get growing: Planting squash in the garden Brian Sebade 25-27

Summer 2018

Title Author(s) Page #
Wyoming Small Acreage Irrigation publication is available!   2
Furry friends with herding instincts Katie Shockley 4-5
Use shade to combat heat stress Scott Cotton 6-7
Keeping your irrigation system in tip-top shape will keep your plants happy Caleb Carter 8-10
Soil moisture sensors boost irrigation effectiveness Vivek Sharma 11-12
Black flies put the ‘pest’ in pestilence Scott Schell 14-16
Plenty of variety: Grapes for wine, juice, jelly in Wyoming Sadanand Dhekney 17-20
Paradise found: Understanding the value of your property Cole Ehmke 21-22
Ask Sam - wasps and pollinator plants &nbps; 23
Butterflies of Wyoming Katie Shockley 24-25
Manage weeds by reducing deposits to the seed bank Dan Tekiela 26-27

Spring 2018

Title Author(s) Page #
Tom Davidson tribute Jennifer Thompson 2
Let carrots make a crunch in your garden this summer Brian Sebade and Julie Balzan 4-6
Where the birds are Jacelyn Downey 7-10
Don’t let blossom end rot take a bite out of vegetable production BJ Bender and Caitlin Youngquist 11-12
Simple, low-cost low tunnel can add weeks to growing season Brian Sebade 13-15
Weed ‘n Feed products may help produce lush lawns but harm – or even kill – trees, shrubs Carson Engelskirger 16-17
Gardeners have used horticultural oils for thousands of years. Here’s what you should know JoAnn Skelly 18-21
A crowned road is a royal treat for country drivers Scott Cotton 22-23
‘Can you hear me now?’ might be heard a lot in some Wyoming areas Scott Cotton and Jennifer Thompson 24-26
Ask Sam - Responsibility for fencing in goats   27

Winter 2018

Title Author(s) Page #
Wyoming's white gold and how it's monitored Ken Von Buettner 4-6
Whether bush or pole, green beans weather Wyoming Brian Sebade and Kentz Willis 7-8
Gillette Saturday Farmers' Market has grown into more than a market Hannah Johnson 9-11
Innovations may help bottom line for small sheep, goat flock owners Scott Cotton 12-13
Bale grazing - winter feeding without the overhead Dallas Mount 14
Good agricultural practices help provide consumers safe, quality local food BJ Bender and Caitlin Youngquist 15-17
Two simple tests can separate truth from fiction in a world awash in misinformation Abby Perry 18-19
Edible Weeds of the home and garden Brian Sebade 20-21
Nature of the work can put children at risk working on farm or ranch Kellie Chichester 22-23
You've seen them and wondered. What are lichens? Tyrell Perry 24-27

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