Index of Articles - 2007

Barnyards & Backyards

Fall 2007

Title Author(s) Page #
"Can you hear me now?" Tom Heald 4
Cheatgrass - The ecology, biology, and control of a biological time bomb Brian Connely
Gardeners raise vegetables almost year-round at 8,000 feet Jennifer Jones 8-11
How to vaccinate a horse Lindsay Taylor  12-13
Controlling black-tailed prairie dogs important issue for Wyoming landowners Bob Shoemaker 14-15
Handling livestock effectively Mike Smith 16-17
Wyoming Livestock Board oversees state's livestock industry Fred Emerich 18-19
Ask Sam (What is certified hay?)   20
How to behave when you encounter a cattle drive Barton Stam 21-22

Special Conference Issue 2007

Title Author(s) Page #
Living and Working on the Land Conference   4
Controlling weeds in horse pastures Scott Hininger 5
Outreach project exists to serve small-acreage landowners Jennifer Thompson 6-7
What if we had a drought and landscape plants didn't know it Tom Heald 8-9
Ranch on Navajo Nation develops trail riding business Prunell Charley, Russ Tronstad and Trent Teegerstrom 10-11
Developing a plan for windbreak has future payoff Jim Arnold 12-13
Sustainable agriculture farmer/rancher grants available Jim Freeburn 14-15
Necessary personal skills for dealing with agri-tourism visitors Russ Tronstad, Trent Teegerstrom, Prunell Charley 16-17
Lasting Legacy courses help families pass baton to future generations John Hewlett 18-19
Broccoli & ice cream: grazing management is making sure your animals eat their vegetables along with their sweets Dallas Mount 20-22
Entire Special conference B&B issue    

Spring 2007

Title Author(s) Page #
Extreme gardening: Microclimates making them work for you Jennifer Jones 4-6
Pasture renovation Barton Stam 7
Featured landowner: Residents of rural subdivision cooperate to battle weeds Travis Ziehl 8-10
Precautions can ease human-bear conflicts Dana Courtney 11-13
Search the world for plants, but some gems exist in our own backyard Tom Heald 14-15
Suggestions help keep relations with neighbors on even keel Lucy Pauley 16-17
Small-acreage workshops this growing season   18
Ask Sam:Overgrazing and horses   19
Think native when restoring small-acreage rangelands Calvin Strom 20-22

Summer 2007

Title Author(s) Page #
Trees, shrubs of High Plains Grasslands Research Station Mark Hughes 4-7
Featured Landowner: Defensible space against fire instills peace of mind in mountain living Bryan Anderson
How to successfully plant a tree or shrub Tom Heald 12-13
Is Russian olive really a noxious weed in Wyoming? Stephen Enloe 14-15
Got drought? Property owners can reduce some effects through land management Barton Stam 16-17
The scoop on manure management Rachel Mealor 18-19
Ask Sam: Small acreage for agriculture tax designation   19
Wyoming Water 101: How our state regulates our most important natural resource Tony Hoch 20-22

Winter 2007

Title Author(s) Page #
Clean up the air and help the environment! Plant a windbreak Scott Hininger 4-5
Raising freezer beef: What does it really cost? Lindsay Taylor 6-7
Making safe jerky at home: the basics Warrie Means, Suzy Pelican 8-10
Proper well maintenance helps ensure a good water supply Adam Sigler, Suzanna Carrithers 11-13
Featured landowner: Family works together to reap benefits of country life Melissa Hemken 14-16
Ask Sam: Quick Growing Trees For Windbreaks   17
Tips for building an indoor growing rack Tony Hoch 18-19
Water quality determines plant health Karen Panter 20-22

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