Index of Articles - 2021

Barnyards & Backyards

Fall 2021

Title Author(s) Page #
Cool nights and hot fall colors Brian Sebade 2
Hardy crops make for fresh produce during long winters Brian Sebade 4-6
Grapes Galore! Planning your Wyoming Vineyard Jeremiah Vardiman 7-8
Crop protections push vegetable harvests into late fall - even winter Jennifer Thompson 9-10
Make the most of your winter by propagating indoor plants Abby Perry 11-12
Food safety first, even with wild game Denise Smith 13-15
Proper windbreak planning a must to avoid later frustrations Martin Curry 16-17
Meet Wyoming's most prolific insect pest of trees Harrison Brookes, Kelly Norris, and Jamie Schmidt 18-20
Youth learn by doing through Wyoming4-H Program opportunities Sarah Torbert 21-22
Clean, Drain, Protect - Tips and tricks to winterize pesticide application equipment Jess Butler 23
Fun foraging facts and forays with foresight will keep you healthy Jamie Schmidt and Brian Sebade 24-26
Ask Sam - "What are some tips for storing equipment during winter months?"   27

Summer 2021

Title Author(s) Page #
Glorious summer Abby Perry 2
The right tree + the right location = the highest success Tara Costanzo and Travis Pardue 4-5
Mulch ring soothes a newly planted tree’s stress Tara Costanzo 6-7
Shedding some light on shade cloth Jeff Edwards 8-9
Beginning farmer/rancher incentive helps Gillette farmer increase production Alyssa Louria 10-11
Reducing wildfire risk through fuel breaks: Landowner leading by example Travis Pardue, Nick Zaczek, Melissa Mokry 12-14
Grape pests want more than a sip of your vineyard Scott Schell 15-17
How to start a small-acreage cow-calf operation Shelby Rosasco 18-19, 27
Preventing, solving those pesky fruit tree diseases William Stump 20-22
Wyoming raspberries under attack Scott Schell 23-24
Residents asked to watch for Japanese beetles Harrison Brookes 25-26

Spring 2021

Title Author(s) Page #
Seed catalogs swing my thoughts to spring Abby Perry 2
Why are your aspen leaves quaking? Tara Costanzo 4-5
Meager-looking alfalfa weevil chews production and profits Jeremiah Vardiman 6-7
Homes for birds: A beginner's guide Jacelyn Downey 8-9
Do we really need to talk about pesticides again? Jeff Edwards 10-11
Cultivating a great vineyard doesn't happen by accident Jeremiah Vardiman 12-13
Plumtastic! Plums can weather Wyoming's cold temperatures, periods of drought, short growing seasons Vicki Hayman 14-16
When the time is right, plants a balled and burlap tree Nina Wajrowski, Tara Costanzo, and Melissa Moskry 17-19
Water right rules steer who has access to Wyoming water Forrest Keizer 20-21
Feed impacts on calving, lambing, and kidding Scott Cotton 22-23
Blueberries - Using containers can help shepherd blueberries through Wyoming's rough and tumble growing season Justin Williams 24-25
Ask Sam: "“I have heard Wyoming is in a drought. Where can I find more information regarding drought in Wyoming?”"   26

Winter 2021

Title Author(s) Page #
Rest. Recreate. Plan. Recharge Brian Sebade 2
Reseeding after fire: If, when, and how Kristina Hufford 4-6
Containers can provide gardeners control over invading insects or weeds Justin Williams 7-9
Wild for wildflowers Abby Perry 10-11
Think you have the next big thing for a farmers market? Brian Lee 12-13
Sunn hemp's benefits could prove alternative forage crop in Wyoming Carrie Eberle 14-15
Speciality crops: Growing medicinal herbs, culinary herbs and spices in Wyoming Celeste Havener 16-19
Want to build on new property? Do your due diligence! Jeremiah Vardiman 20-22
Prospective landowners should understand the basics of Wyoming mineral rights Scott Cotton 23 & 25
Calibrating sprayers make herbicide applications more effective and saves money Jenna Meeks 24-25
Ask Sam: "I noticed some strange spots on my lawn this spring right after the snow melted. What is this?"   26


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