Index of Articles - 2019

Barnyards & Backyards

Fall 2019

Title Author(s) Page #
Late spring made for speedy fall arrival Abby Perry 3
Get garden beds into tiptop shape for winter Brian Sebade 4-6
Fall soil prep turbocharges garden for 2020 bounty Caitlin Youngquist 7-8
Fall is here, but it's not too late! Fall tree planting is great timing Brian Sebade 9-10
Correctly identifying landscape pests critical for control Jenna Meeks 11-12
Could alpacas be a good fit for your property? Scott Cotton 13-15
What about super fruit for Wyoming? Jeremiah Vardiman 16-18
Best practices help ensure your chickens survive winter Hudson Hill 19-20
Micro snow control can play big role in minimizing drifts Martin Curry 21-22
Small-acreage landowners have options for harvesting wildlife Troy Tobiasson 23-24
Beef cows have been getting bigger, which has implications for Wyoming agriculture Derek Scasta 25-27

Summer 2019

Title Author(s) Page #
Get the upper hand on weeds in the vegetable garden Brian Sebade 4-6
'Feel and Appearance Method' quick way to estimate soil moisture Brian Sebade 7-9
What landowners can or cannot do with streams, ponds, and wetlands and the permitting involved Tony Hoch 10-11
Evergreen trees and turf grass - never the twain shall meet Donna Hoffman 12-13
When green turns mean - algae, cyanobacteria, and aquatic plants in lakes, ponds, and streams: what's safe and what's not Lindsay Patterson and Michael Thomas 14-16
Are you looking for a way to irrigate your small acreages Caleb Carter 17-18
Trail cameras effortlessly capture wildlife in their environments Abby Perry 19-20
Newbie offers plant suggestions to grow cut flowers Amanda Hulet 21-22
Disposing of chemical containers responsibly - reduces hazardous waste Jenna Meeks 23-24
Got deer? Elk? Antelope? Moose? Livestock? Got fences? Stan Harter 25-26

Spring 2019

Title Author(s) Page #
Discouraging big bossy birds from eating all your bird seed Jacelyn Downey 4-5
Spring - a great time to get a grip on cheatgrass control Jess Butler 6-7
Hope rises admist ashes of Arapahoe Fire Sydney Burek 8-11
Biochar: What is it and what does it do? Carrie Eberle 12-14
Indian Paintbrush - state flower and challenge to cultivate! Jennifer Thompson 15-17
Which plant and animal apecies are poised to become invasive in Wyoming Jenna Meeks 18-20
Fine-tuning nutritional management for small-acreage sheep operations Whit Stewart 21-23
Right selection, some TLC help trees survive Wyoming's harsh winter Tara Costanzo 24-25
Some native wildflower seeds need cold stratification to sprout Jennifer Thompson 26-27

Winter 2019

Title Author(s) Page #
In appreciation and best wishes: Tana Stith Jennifer Thompson 2
Raising freezer beef: What does it cost? (Updated) Brian Lee 4-5
Add color, texture to winter landscapes with these suggestions Abby Perry 6-7
Wyoming apple project: Old trees meet new technology Jonathan Magby and Steve L. Miller 8-11
Winter, a great time to design your garden space Brian Sebade 12-14
Egg 101: Safety and storage Denise Smith 15-17
How much should a tree drink while dormant? Donna Hoffman 18-19
Despite the inches (or feet) of snow, blistering winds, the subzero temperatures, there is life Brian Sebade 20-21
Choose the right pesticide, apply correctly for range and croplands Jenna Meeks 22-24
Wildfire has rolled through, what do you do now? Dallas Mount 25-27
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