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Fall 2014

Title Author(s) Page #
Fall. What a Season! Mae Smith 2
Ask Sam - I have birdhouses on my property. Do I need to clean them in the fall?   4
Fox in the henhouse again! Rex Lockman 5-6
Harvesting the wild of Wyoming Sandra Frost  7-9
Fencing wildlife out of hay stackyards Scott Cotton  10-12
The true costs of having your mare bred Chance Marshall 13-14
Preparation, planning, and knowledge - Packhorses help carry you into adventure but require user horse sense Dusty Smith 15-17
Sure, a rose is a rose but is that a swift fox, red fox, or gray fox? And about that garter snake... Jacelyn Downey 18-19
101 (almost) ways for a high tunnel to die Jeff Edwards 20-22
Seed saving steps secure satisfying sequels Mae Smith 23-24
The old saying 'Dull as Dirt' doesn't apply here Brian Sebade 25-27

Summer 2014

Title Author(s) Page #
Ah, Summer Mae Smith 2
Ask Sam - When should I cut my hay?   4
Thinking about buying an irrigated small acreage? Check water right, soil type, water quality Caleb Carter 5-6
Protect horses through vaccinations Alex Malcolm 7-9
Hail and Gardens Jennifer Thompson 10-13
Featured Landowners: Rural Casper venture grew a family while cultivating tree, vegetable business Donna Cuin 14-16
Strong arm these pests so they don't get the upper hand Scott Schell 17-19
New booklet highlights garden, landscape plants native to region Jennifer Thompson 20-21
Food Safety Modernization Act Melissa Bardsley 22-23
What if something happened to you? Succession planning and the small acreage Cole Ehmke 24-25
What is meant by 'Take Half, Leave Half'? Barton Stam 26-27

Spring 2014

Title Author(s) Page #
Cabin fever? We have cures for that! Mae Smith 2
Ask Sam - I really love fresh goat milk and am thinking of starting a small, dairy goat herd. I would also like to sell some of the milk. Is that allowed in Wyoming?   4
Aspen, cottonwoods prone to problems Chris Hilgert 5-6
Ensure you're not bitten when smitten by backyard pond Marta Iwaseczko 7-8
Clean equipment, milk hygiene vital to dairy LaDonna Foley 9-11
Raspberry patch grows into berry bonanza Jeff Edwards 12-14
Is fertilizing irrigated pastures, hayfields, a waste of money? Dallas Mount 15-16
Put Wyoming's sunny disposition to work Jon Gardzelewski and Anthony Denzer 17-20
Tools of the trade Mae Smith 21-23
Strategies to defeat weeds  Ashley Garrelts  24-25
Can you afford to board your horse? Hannah Swanbom 26-27

Winter 2014

Title Author(s) Page #
Your magazine is a true team effort Jennifer Thompson 2
Ask Sam - Several of my trees were damaged in the big, wet snowstorm that hit Sundance in early October. What should I do?   4
Wyoming Apple Project attempts to save Wyoming's diverse apple cultivars Steven Miller 5-8
Wyoming tough Jennifer Thompson 9-11
The planter grows up Cole Ehmke and Becky Davis 12-13
Seed source matters when reclaiming land with native seed Kristina Hufford 14-16
Starting plants from seed indoors - The basics Amy Fluet and Jennifer Thompson 17-19
Keep on the sunny side Jon Allen Gardzelewski and Anthony Denzer 20-22
Herbs at home Karen Panter 23-25
I need to spray my tree . . . or do I?  Mark Hughes  26-27

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