Index of Articles - 2013

Barnyards & Backyards

Fall 2013

Title Author(s) Page #
Gratification, relaxation, preparation Jennifer Thompson 4
Wyoming maple syrup - no, that was no typo! Brian Sebade 5-7
Ordinary fall garden chores plant opportunities for extraordinary next year Donna Cuin 8-9
Feature Landowners: Can your place be a Wyoming guest lodge? Jacelyn Downey 10-12
Everything you need to know to buy good seed is on the label Sandra Frost 13-14
Garlic puts fall gusto in your garden, summer zest in kitchen Vicki Hayman 15-16
Garlic as a culinary ingredient Vicki Hayman 17
Insect pest new to Wyoming infests soft fruit crops Scott Schell 18-19
How to repair a broken strand of barbwire Martin Curry 20-21
Name that gymnosperm</a   22
Caring for horses during winter Dallas Mount 23
Ask Sam - What causes a blue spruce tree to start dying from the top of the tree?   25

Summer 2013

Title Author(s) Page #
Summer is in full swing Jennifer Thompson 4
Rainwater harvesting Tony Hoch 5-6
Mountain pine beetles still active in Wyoming forests Les Koch 7
How cover crops can benefit your small acreage Roger Hybner 8-10
Tips to improve the energy efficiency of your greenhouse Milt Geiger 11-12
Citrus in the snow Jim Freeburn 13
Raised beds make life easier for gardeners, better homes for vegetables Trish Penny 14-15
Should you grow your own hay for harvest? Dallas Mount 16-17
Good fences make happy horses Brandon Greet 18-19
Which came first? The chicken, of course Mae Smith 20-21
What is a chicken tractor? Jeff Edwards 22-24
Ask Sam - Which direction should a hoop house be oriented?   25

Spring 2013

Title Author(s) Page #
Drought - to be or not to be Jennifer Thompson 3
Grow grapes in Wyoming? Why not? Sadanand Dhekney 5-7
A little observation will help predict this year’s forage needs Rachel Mealor & Mae Smith 8-10
Elms eliminated? Scott Schell 11-13
How much does it cost to own a horse? Bridger Feuz 14-15
High tunnel insect and mite control Jeff Edwards 16-18
Perfect herbicide still a fantastic dream; until then . . . Travis Ziehl 19-21
Should I lease my land for grazing John Hewlett 22-24
Keeping Wyoming safe from invasion: Identifying potential weed problems Brandon Greet 25
Ask Sam - Wildlife-friendly fence   26

Winter 2013

Title Author(s) Page #
Wyoming Wow Jennifer Thompson 3
Winter, what winter? Jennifer Thompson 4
Fantastic in feathers Jacelyn Downey 5-7
Community Supported Agriculture links consumers with producers; provides fresh vegetables, manages risk Ted Craig 8-10
Conduct a home energy audit Mae Smith 11-13
An update of incentives for energy efficiency and renewable energy: Navigating through the fog Milt Geiger 14-16
Your landscape will thank you for choosing the right tree for the right location Mark Hughes 17-18
Insects have cool strategies to weather winter extremes Scott Schell 19-21
What to expect following a wildfire Brian Sebade 22-23
Up for the challenge: Gardening in Wyoming Chris Hilgert 24-25
Ask Sam - Russian knapweed control   26

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