Spring 2024

Title Author(s) Page #
A prickly situation: How to recognize and manage yellow starthistle   4-5
Protect your plants from powdery mildew   6-8
Meet Wyoming’s most charismatic spiders   9-11
Revive your raspberry patch   12-14
Ready to tear out your turf and try something new?   15-17
Beware of the black grass bug   18-20
Use these online tools to plan your next outdoor adventure in Wyoming   21-23
Ask Sam - spring cleaning   24
Tired of chickens? Try raising turkeys   25-27

Winter 2024

Title Author(s) Page #
Grow your native plant knowledge with these resources   4-7
Find inspiration at demonstration gardens across Wyoming   8-10
Minimize stress for migratory mule deer   11-13
Keep your trees healthy by avoiding these common pitfalls   14-15
Curious about cottontails?   16-17
Use Zeedyk structures to restore meadows and floodplains   18-21
When, where, and why to fertilize plants in Wyoming   22-24
Is there such a thing as weed prevention?   25-27


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